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‘This stunning book describes the passage from life through death and into the afterlife – as much as it can be grasped by us on this side of the fence. Afterlife is the first book by long-time Australian radio and TV presenter Barry Eaton, who has worldwide audiences for his Net-based RadioOutThere.com program. A psychic himself, Eaton has had many like-minded friends make an impact on his life, and he retells his and their stories with sensitivities and clarity.
‘Age-old questions to do with fear of death, where we go when we die and whether there is punishment for suicide are all covered here. There are reports on ghost hauntings, the light at the end of the tunnel, the astral healing centre and soul families. There are activities in the afterlife, communications beyond the grave and preparations for the next life to consider. Eaton confronts his past incarnation as a soldier who died at the Somme during World War 1, and he brings many insights from his research and experiences.
‘Afterlife is a profound book written from the heart in the light of truth.’ — Ruth Parnell, Nexus magazine
I was asked to appear on many radio shows all around Australia following the release of Afterlife with interviewers showing great interest in the subject for the most part. In fact only one presenter seemed cynical, a DJ in Canberra, asking me if I have been called “a wack job” because of my book’s contents.  I just laughed, and he left it at that.

*** On July 20 this year (2012) I appeared on the Sandie Sedgbeer Show on Blogtalk Radio discussing the whole question of the afterlife. The show went for 60 minutes and we discussed many aspects of this fascinating topic. Sandie is a delightful interviewer and if you would like to hear the show please Google (or whatever) Sandie Sedgbeer and The Awakening Zone and the archived show is on page two of the site. Let me know what you think.

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