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Why Mainstream Science Needs to Recognize the Reality of Remote Viewing

(Revised 22 December 2012)
To Select Leaders in Mainstream Science,
We have an experiment aimed at predicting the future with respect to major events with the Post-2012 Earth Changes Project done at The Farsight Institute using remote viewing. The closing date for that experiment is 1 June 2013. If the descriptions of the post-2012 events turn out to be accurate, we will have achieved a milestone in our understanding of time and physical reality. If our predictions turn out to be a bust, then we are back to "square one" in terms of understanding how to see what the future is bringing in our direction. A great deal is at stake with this experiment. Let us watch it closely over the next six months. Remember that it is an experiment, not a deterministic prediction. We will know if the experiment works by 1 June 2013.
If, for the sake of argument, one considers the possibility that the data for our Post-2012 Earth Changes experiment describe events in the post-2012 world successfully, then human society is facing a crucial dilemma. Remote-viewing data for 1 June 2013 suggest that the post-2012 world is a world in transition, to put it mildly. Let us be frank. If it were not for the possibility that our post-2012 Earth changes experiment in describing the future might be a success, it could be another hundred years or even longer before mainstream science recognizes the reality of remote viewing. But in the potential context of successful descriptions of unprecedented near-term challenges associated with Earth changes as described in the data for this experiment, it would seem wise to consider acting sooner. Obviously, if our post-2012 experiment fails, then this may not be as important. But what if the experiment is a success?
The Risks to Not Recognizing the Reality of Remote Viewing
  • If the post-2012 events described in our 2012/Climate Project turn out to be accurate, then the game of denial will be over regardless of anything anyone says. Everyone on the planet will know that remote viewing is a real phenomenon.
  • If the these events really happen as reported here, then almost everyone on the planet will know that both governmental leaders and many of the leaders in mainstream science kept critical information from them.
  • We run the risk of the masses losing faith in all prior leadership, both governmental and within mainstream science.
  • The potential for anarchy and the widespread abandonment of science as a path forward will be real.
  • Remember what happened in the past when the masses felt betrayed by a wide spectrum of leadership. It led to chaos, and the rise of leaders such as Napoleon, Hitler, and Stalin.
  • Opportunists would certainly take advantage of the chaos, and the mass disaffection towards science and scientific leadership in favor of snake oil would begin.
The Benefits of Recognizing the Reality of Remote Viewing
  • Humanity will quickly turn its attention to the findings of remote-viewing projects conducted at The Farsight Institute, including the 2012/Climate Project and our published research (see also here).
  • Humanity will increasingly appreciate the more complicated nature of physical reality, and the fact that sudden and nonlinear changes do happen to our planet and our environment.
  • Humanity will begin to more fully understand the connection between events in space and life on Earth.
  • Humanity will more rapidly embrace some of the more profound implications of remote-viewing research with respect to extraterrestrial life.
  • Humanity will begin to realize that it is not without a measure of control in its march forward in time.
  • Humanity will continue to have faith in science and scientific leadership, and the path forward will be guided by reason.
For humanity to benefit from the above profound learning events, important and select leaders in mainstream science need to publicly recognize the reality of remote viewing. Those of us who collaborate at The Farsight Institute in remote-viewing research using structured remote-viewing methodologies that were developed by the U.S. military for espionage purposes (or procedures that are derived from those methodologies), have done all that we can do by ourselves to educate the public about our research. Tens of thousands of people know of our research, but that is a very small drop in a very large bucket with respect to the rest of humanity. We cannot go further without outside help, and that help must be in the form of external recognition of the reality of the remote-viewing phenomenon. Remember how the unexpected recognition that prions cause Mad Cow disease suddenly and radically transformed medical science? We need such a "prion moment" with respect to remote viewing.
If select and important leaders of mainstream science recognize the reality of remote viewing, then we at The Farsight Institute will conduct a major and extended sequence of remote-viewing demonstrations that will satisfy nearly all people with respect to this reality. All the details of how to conduct such a series of demonstrations have been worked out. The scientific controls will be perfect, and we will involve the public in the verification process.
We have conducted such remote-viewing demonstration projects before. See, for example, our Multiple Universes Project, and also see this peer-reviewed published research. The big differences between our past demonstrations and our anticipated "big demonstration" is that we will involve a widely trusted luminary as our target tasker, we will utilize only our best viewers, and we will have a much larger watching audience.
We are offering to do now and quickly what mainstream science cannot do by itself for a very long time in terms of educating the public in these matters that have long been resisted in our world. These matters of remote viewing, nonlocality, and even extraterrestrial life are truly important right now.
On post-2012 Earth, humanity needs to work together as much as possible as it faces unprecedented challenges. Humanity needs to know that it has real options for future development, and these options become more tangible when comparative data from the future and the past are considered. Fear and chaos result from ignorance. As we travel into the future, let us turn our headlights on so that we can better navigate our challenges as a species. Remote viewing is the only way currently available for humans to transfer information across time and space. Millions, or even billions, need to know that we are not blind as we move through time, that we have a measure of control as we navigate the temporal currents.
We are not asking for blind faith in what we do. We want only to demonstrate the reality of remote viewing to a truly world audience. Is the chance to show people what is real too much to ask? To the leaders of mainstream science I say to you today, if you do your part, I give you my personal guarantee that we will do ours. We have done all we can do by ourselves. Issue a one-page declaration stating that remote viewing is real, and we will help change this world profoundly, for the better. Not a hundred years from now, but now, when it really matters.
Courtney Brown, Ph.D.
Director, The Farsight Institute

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    I believe that we are on the same page, but I feel that research into the use of remote viewing would have a greater chance of being acknowledged by mainstream science if we could demonstrate its efficacy in treating the sick rather than predicting the future in my humble opinion.

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