Monday, 10 December 2012

Polymorphic Perception of the Fourth Dimension State

Understanding the interactive levels of fourth dimension.

For most people this will be a very difficult subject to grasp for the simple fact that it focuses on a topic that steps outside of our now state of awareness in third dimension to which we call the physical state of awareness.  Third dimension is the space we know as the physical body and the state of which we call human existence.  In this article, however, I will delve into discussing the next level of dimension state of fourth reality perception.  Not only will I attempt to detail it for how it is seen in a perceptional sense but also in a physically constructive manner.
If fourth dimension perception is truly understood it would be for many a very interesting level of creation to explore.  Awareness is the first key to understanding what it is, let alone how it works at every level.  Most importantly the awareness of what it is useful for and how it can develop our intellectual understanding of creation and utilize it as a method of exploration and knowledge gathering. 
This article really runs in line with another article I wrote about Mind Travelers, which discusses the ability for conscious matter to travel space without the use of a third dimension material body.  Mind travel is achieved at certain levels within the state of our dreams, and it is through the fourth dimension that we are able to achieve this method of transportation.  I want to in this article describe more about the fourth dimension and how it is perceived and how it forms upon itself, detailing information about the polymorphic state of matter in this perceptional environment.
I know this topic will seem a bit far fetched for most people, but for some when I give examples they will be able to relate to some experiences that they might have had or some particular things that they face within their dreams.  For others who do not recall there dreams, who mostly just perceive in a totally solid physical state within our world, this subject will be very difficult to grasp.  These people would be considered very physically grounded within the third dimension environment, and have little knowledge of matter beyond what they see with their eyes and through their current state of perception.  This topic really requires experience at certain levels just to understand its technical usage, let alone the practical and beneficial effects of experiencing reality at this level. 

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