Monday, 31 December 2012

The "Spirit Molecule"


Psychiatrist Rick Strassman, author of the ground breaking book DMT: The Spirit Molecule(2001) asserts that DMT is produced and stored in the human brain and is an active agent in a variety of altered states, including mystical experiences. This chemical messenger profoundly links body and spirit, pineal activation in the brain, and may awaken normally latent synthetic pathways.
A few rare and select meditation techniques have been observed being practiced by indigenous cultures that naturally release DMT through the pineal gland.
Visionary experiences with symbolic or religious content that are beyond ordinary explanation have been reported and documented in both Western and Eastern religions. These experiences vary depending on the recipients personal beliefs and can be described as a dazzling lights of illumination and states of surreal mystical experiences.
Specialized techniques can modulate pineal activity, and elicit a standing wave through resonance effects that coordinate other brain centers with both chemicals and electromagnetism, resynchronize both hemispheres of the brain, and result in a chain of synergistic harmony that releases DMT, naturally and organically.

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