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Creating New Earth Crystalline Circuitry
A Metatronic Program of Light
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling from Metatron
Videos ~ eBooks ~ Energy-Art
A New Earth Transmission w/ Powerful Ascension Tools
Accessing Nine New Earth Temples of Pure Consciousness

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BONUS Video on Heart Breathing and Core Energy Resonance
Creating New Earth Crystalline Circuitry program channeling from Metatron for our Family of Light to develop oneness consciousness from Cosmic Consciousness Online.
This is a powerful Ascension program from the Metatronic Councils of Light for creating the New Earth Crystalline Circuitry of unity and oneness in your physiology and consciousness.
The core spiritual metaphysical higher consciousness matrix in this program is the nine New Earth Temples of Pure Consciousness created by the Metatronic Councils of Light in early March, 2011 to assist us with our Ascension into the New Earth with grace and ease.
The energy-art symbol glyphs I channeled from Archangel Metatron for these New Earth temples of oneness consciousness appear below. You get much larger copies to work with in the program materials.
Nine New Earth Temples of Pure Consciousness energy-art symbol glyphs for the Program of Light from Archangel Metatron for our Family of Light and oneness by Cosmic Consciousness Online.
Additionally there are nine crystalline pathways of access into these temples. These are represented in the nine New Earth Crystalline Circuitry Resonance Keys this program will teach you to use (example shown in trailer video above).
Golden City in Human Brain activated by Creating New Earth Crystalline Circuitry oneness energy channeling program from Metatron by Cosmic Consciousness Online.These are very powerful and direct Ascension tools. They carry us into a matrix that is literally super-charged with Lord Metatron's Light in order to assist us. This matrix takes you directly into the center of your own being to connect with and experience your own infinite power. It gives you the tools you need to stay connected too!
If you really want to ascend into New Earth consciousness and you are willing to dedicate yourself to using these tools you will be amazed at how quickly you can shift into living as a New Earth human even as the old Earth is still going through its final transformation.
We need people in this place... it is joyous and ecstatic... I can attest to that!
Purchase Program Packages
BONUS Video on Heart Breathing and Core Energy Resonance
Nearly 500 hours of love-labor has gone into channeling this information and creating this Program of Light and all the related materials so you and others can access it easily.
This is a pure energy transmission. It is a comprehensive teaching. It is a set of very powerful and concisely laid out Ascension tools. It has a lot of supportive materials like the energy-art and handy wallet cards that can be printed and laminated, not to mention the 7 eBooks comprising 250+ pages of highly compact higher-dimensional oneness consciousness, awareness and knowledge.
Then there are the three Preliminary Awareness Transmission videos from which the trailer above was created. These represent nearly two hours worth of video that is power-packed with higher dimensional oneness awareness energy transmissions. These videos are very activational all by themselves!
This Program of Light gives you an approach to Ascension that is derived from a much higher-consciousness than what is generally present on Earth. It is truly oneness consciousness and it is presented and taught along with quite a number of very powerful and practical tools to help you access and experience it as a living reality RIGHT NOW!
Your human body is included in this approach too. It is NOT left out nor seen as worthless, dense or holding you back. This program will teach you how your body can become your ally in holding the higher-dimensional oneness consciousness of the New Earth for and with you.
This makes your job so much easier too! Your body is a crystal, it just needs to be re-programmed and that is what this program will teach you how to do. It also provides you with the tools you need to do it.
There are two of the eBooks which are dedicated strictly to somatic exercises to assist this physiological process using mudras, tapping and breath. These exercises are linked directly into the nine New Earth Temples of Pure Consciousness.
In this program you will also learn how to access your Core Energy Resonance (CER) powerfully, directly and consistently. CER is the mechanism by which Source Intelligence speaks to you directly. It underlies intuition and all other forms of guidance. Learning to use CER directly is one of the most important and powerful things any of us can do.
Following your CER takes you out of the need for judgment. It supports you in the direction that is right for you according to your own Source Intelligence. That is a form of empowerment that is rooted in your True Self versus a more limited aspect of self.
A GIFT >>> The Core Power Tool in this program is a 9-Fold Holographic statement. Joshua Farmer, a young indigo musician in Montana created a beutiful little song with it which has a powerful energy and also helps you memorize the statement.
After you hear the song a few times the words start repeating in your head like song lyrics tend to do! This MP3 is included on all the download pages for the packages below, but you can also listen to the NECC 9-Fold Hologram Song as our gift!
BONUS >>> 3hr video on Heart Breathing and Core Energy Resonance from a Module 4, Level 1 class held on 11/27.
SPECIAL BONUS >>> If you wish to incorporate this Program of Light into your own Love-Light work you may do so and thus become a facilitator! You can do this without necessarily incurring any additional costs by partnering with me. Read facilitator guidelines.
I am also offering spiritual mentoring for personal and professional use in this Program of Light. I will also be offering online classes to share new information I am receiving from the Metatronic Councils of Light about this program and to help you become more proficient in the use of these Ascension tools.
The Program of Light is available in 3 separate packages as appears below.
If you purchase Package #2 or #3 first, any time in the following 90 days you may upgrade to the full Package #1 and receive a 75% refund on the cost of your original purchase

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