Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The World of Remo Roth


I am some sort of a retrovirus. In my life I have always had to first go back to the past in order to find my way into the constellated future development. However, this procedure has changed my “psychophysical DNA” in a definite way.
In my creative work as a psychosomatically oriented depth psychologist and researcher in the fields of psychophysics, I was always forced to go back to the old alchemists, especially to Gerardus Dorneus and to Paracelsus, the Renaissance physician, who was born near my place at the Lake of Zurich, in Einsiedeln (Switzerland), a small town famous for its theurgic Black Madonna (see picture on the right). 
In my early youth I became severely ill. Doctors did not give me a chance to survive. However, I unconsciously developed an introverted imagination method – and I still live today, more than five decades after my physical disease first manifested.
For 30 years now I have been doing research in psychophysics. Originally educated in Operations Research (mathematical logistics’ tools) and programming, I began to have very extraordinary dreams in the year 1973. They led me to Carl G. Jung’s depth psychology. In such a way I met his famous collaborator Marie-Louise von Franz. We worked together for almost 20 years up until her death.
Wolfgang Pauli, the famous physicist and Nobel laureate, was forced by his dreams to deal with what he called the unified psychophysical reality behind or beyond the split into the inner and the outer world, into physics and depth psychology. He knew that it is an absolute necessity for mankind of the 21st century to go back to Medieval alchemy, for the purpose of healing this deep split between matter and psyche.
As a natural scientist he was however conscious about the fact that this challenge can only be done by including our more developed scientific consciousness and therefore he -- as Carl G. Jung and Marie-Louise von Franz -- always warned of the danger of falling back into the magic consciousness of the Medieval ages. Exactly this development seems more and more to happen in Esoterics of today and in Jungian depth psychology, too, in which the Logos dominated consciousness suddenly falls into an unconscious and therefore destructive Eros with all its implications, for example the comeback of fascism.
To protect ourselves from such dangers, I try to continue the work of these three extraordinary researchers -- by living the life of a retrovirus!

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