Thursday, 20 December 2012

Brain Dreams Imagery

I deal with the natural biophysical substrate of visual perception and visual imagery.The main goal of my research is to prove that intrinsic pictures can be emerged by redox and biophoton processes in retinotopically organized cytochrome oxidase rich neurons of visual areas during visual imagery, visual hallucination, and REM dream pictures within the brain. You can read some of my papers on this website.
I do not claim to solve the secret of consciousness, but propose that the evolution in the higher levels of complexity made possible the intrinsic picture representation of the external visual world by regulated redox and bioluminescent biophotons in the visual system during visual perception and visual imagery

Dr Istvan Bokkon, Chemical/Bioengineer

The above researcher is also look for other people to help him with his work.

Bókkon I, Salari V, Scholkmann F, Dai J. Grass F. (2012) Rudimentary spatial representation and intrinsic "visual" world by biophotonic representation in the congenitally blind: A multidisciplinary view. Translational Neurosci Under Review

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