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"Within the (THOUGHT) Wave lies the secret of all Creation"

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This page describes the overall wave model. Each component model (cubic wavefield, radial,
cube/sphere, electrical) offers a unique path into the overall wave model. Any student will have a preference for one or more models and therefore may reflect a bias towards a particular approach.
No one approach is necessarily better than another. All roads lead to Rome.
The ideas described herein will therefore be refined and improved as old knowledge and understanding are challenged.

Can I recommend that you read the Home page (if not already done so) before continuing here. It is important to rid yourself of scientific myopia to facilitate a balanced expansion of consciousness.

The Wave has an inter-dependent sensed physical AND an unsensed metaphysical aspect to its construction. You cannot interact with one in isolation from the other. Each aspect needs the other to express themselves as one whole unit of Creation.
Always keep in mind the female expression has a positive AND negative aspect, as does the male expression.
This is exactly what dawned on Einstein towards the end of his work, yet the sages of old, knew of the light/shadow duality.

Science has come to attribute the metaphysical aspects as anti-matter.

With our development of a robust cubic wavefield model, we can now begin to think of all expressions of the simulation as light, rather than in terms of having any real solidity or form. We must continue to think this way, even though, the illusion of matter will manifest and appear convincing to our senses.
Just before we begin, I will be using the following definitions throughout...

  • CMT = Cosmic Mind Thinking, Created expression in MOTION . It is the CURRENT of the Cosmos
  • White Light = Undivided Light of Mind. This light is beyond our senses. CMK
  • Space = one half of the division of White Light
  • Matter/Form/Solidity = one half of the division of White Light
  • PZC = planes of zero curvature. Mind/Stillness
  • Gravity bar = conventional bar magnet
  • Red/Blue = general polarised state, the colours may not actually be red/blue
  • RBI = rhythmic balanced interchange
  • LOF = loops of force, the lines of force around a current-carrying wire (LOF are also produced by CMT)

Within the seed lies the pattern for all possible expressions of Creation. No expression is possible unless it has first been conceived by Cosmic Mind. Every point in the universe is a seed surrounded by its own wavefield. There is no part of creation that is without a wavefield. Infinite energy is available at every point in the universe. Think of this infinite possibility as though it were silence. Silence is omnipresent, while sound (visual 3D simulation) springs from that silence and returns to that silence. That two-way journey occurs in spiral cyclic waves, forever.

Our sensed simulated illusion is analogous to any sound. That sound effect is simply a disturbance.
Our entire 'reality' experience is caused by a disturbance to Stillness. Stillness (silence) is the normal true expression reality while the 3D simulation (sound) is the abnormal condition.
The simulation will return to Stillness at any available opportunity, just as any sound will return to silence if not reproduced.

Man can utilise this omnipresent energy once he knows how to divide that seed and replicate the pattern of his desires.
Once man's devices obey Natural Law, Cosmic Mind will 'work with him' and provide him with the  energy that drives the universe. The processes of man's thinking and CMT are the same thinking process. Once man understands how Cosmic Mind divides the universe, then, he too can emulate the creations of his Creator.

When learning to swim, you get minimal instruction before you are in the pool learning to survive on minimal knowledge. The basics come first! All your advanced techniques are acquired gradually.
If we were to break down the wave cycle into all its constituent parts before we 'jump in', we may risk getting bogged down in detail.

This is the overall octave wave sequence. Our journey is to understand all the is 'seen' in this image, but more importantly understand the 'unseen' aspects also.
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Below is a list of the important processes and component models needed for an understanding of the overall wave and for developing for ourselves possible techniques for co-creation.

  • cubic wavefield, reproducing images
  • LOF around a current carrying wire
  • the dynamic moving cone of polarity and what effects it produces
  • two opposed motions, centripetal and centrifugal, and what is left in the WAKE of all motion
  • how E/W and N/S poles interact with each other
  • the rhythmic balanced interchange which occurs within the dynamic movement of a wave
  • the heat pump mechanism, reveals the two way universe
  • principles of photography
  • cymatics (but think in 3D not a 2D plate)
  • step up/down transformer
  • how gyroscopes behave
  • acceptance of the unsensed aspect of all expressions


The very first action carried out to express an Idea by any Creator is to assign dimension to that expression.
Before any wave or particle character can be manifested in our universe, Cosmic Mind must first produce the conditions necessary to bring about that specific expression of matter and form.
Division of the One Substance (White Incandescent Light) is that process. As a result of division, the characteristics of polarity and electricity are born. So too, are the illusionary aspects of gravity and magnetism!!

I would like to leave the cubic wavefield model for the moment and concentrate on the division process as it effects the conical, spiral, radial model.

The image to the left represents the Undivided Idea. This can be thought of, as the seed of the entire Creation process. This undivided White Light contains all possibility and permeates all of the universe whether it is sensed or unsensed.
The image to the right, is the balanced division, of this White Light of Mind into a male, and female expression. Although at first sight, this division looks a simple process, it hides a dark side... literally!!!

We will assign male-ness to the Red side and female-ness to the Blue side. The conebase on the red side is green associated with the male half of the inert gas. The +1 visible male expression is green/yellow. As this condition compresses to the +2 condition, the colour changes to yellow/orange. The colour compresses again for the +3 condition to orange/red, while the maximum compression at the ++4 position yields a red/white hot expression.
Now on the Blue side, we need to keep our whit's about us. Maximum expansion on the female side is expressed in the violet colour range., while maximum compression is expressed in the blue range. It looks the opposite here, but that reversal will become obvious as the model is developed further.
There is an unsensed aspect to each side of this division process which needs to be exposed.

It is important to realise that the colours as well as every other expression (temperature, density, polarity etc.) are in dynamic motion. The Red/Blue division is only for general guidance. The images left and right are better representations of the true dynamic motion that occurs as potential is compressed and simultaneously expanded.

The image to the left is the cubic representation of maximum compression (sphere) AND maximum expansion (cube).
Our model development will focus on the image to the right which is the radial equivalent to the cube/sphere model.

The image to the left should not be taken on face value. This deceptively simple looking drawing hides more that it reveals and requires a good deal of explanation. It is my experience, that if you begin your wave journey with the image to the left, you will struggle with Walter's material. Like the cube/sphere model above put this 'wave' like image away for the moment. It suggests for example, that division simply divides male/female. This is not the case. The image to the left is two half stories joined as one!!
The radial model to the right indicates the cube/rim and the sphere/hub. The mid-point inert gas position is also indicated.

This radial model will now be expanded to reveal the following,
  • origins of frequency
  • importance of considering SINGLE wavefield characteristics separate from the interaction of those single wavefield with neighbouring REVERSED wavefields
  • origins of N/S poles, gravity axis, conical compression/expansion
  • origins of E/W poles, gravity axis, radial compression/expansion
  • origins of male ONLY expression, how Li metal can accumulate WITHOUT Fluorine
  • origins of female ONLY expression, how Nitrogen gas can accumulate WITHOUT Boron
  • origins of negative Male (unsensed) expression. Equivalent to the cubic wavefield surrounding all positive expression of Creation. What -ve male actually is
  • origins of negative Female (unsensed) expression, and explanation of what function it serves
  • explain away, magnetism as a separate force
  • explain away, gravity as a separate force which pulls from within
  • the actual wave sequence and the incorporation of Walter's modification to  Newton's 3rd Law
  • is the wave a wave or particle?

There are only two types on motion in this entire simulated universe.
Centripetal spiral motion runs without exception from the direction of the rim in towards the hub.
Centrifugal spiral motions runs without exception from the hub out towards the rim. This is the only motion in the universe, and we must teach ourselves to 'see' this motion is all two-way expressions of Creation.

In this image and in the image above right,  I have indicated that motion begins half way between the rim and hub. This is equivalent to the 0 position of the inert gas in the cube/sphere model. It would be the horizontal wave axis of the wave model, as I indicated in the images above left.

TIP : As motion proceeds on a radial basis, the rotating wheel will take on (due to the gyroscopic effect) a conical appearance. This is an important visualisation to keep in mind for all radial motion. There are many
videos on you-tube which demonstrate the motion of a gyroscope, and how for example with greater rotational speed the gyroscope will lift off the horizontal and approach the vertical axis.

The universe breathes in and out, like opening and closing your hands. Each 'in' breath charges and simultaneously discharges. Also each 'out' breath discharges and simultaneously charges.

When we breathe in, we charge our bodies and simultaneously discharge the environment, the surrounding space. When we breathe out, we discharge our bodies and simultaneously charge space.
Space is expanded light, and matter is compressed space. Matter is expressed to a maximum at the hub and to minimum at the rim.

This is a two-way universe. Our senses can detect only a tiny portion of the journey between rim and hub, and science only recognises a one-way 'expansive' motion!!

Up until now, I have not been specific enough with regard to the exact sequencing of the wave cycle. In fact, I have, on occasions indicated that the male and female cycles run simultaneously. This is not strictly true. Walter was at pains to expand out Newton's 3rd Law of Motion and reveal to us that,

Every action is simultaneously balanced (+ve/-ve coned polarity) by an equal and opposite reaction, and is repeated sequentially in reversed polarity (male/female M/F).
It may not be immediately obvious that Walter is making a clear distinction between -ve male and female, and that the positive male sequence runs independently of the female sequence.

While the starting point is not important the wave cycle for a SINGLE WAVEFIELD sequence runs as follows,
  • Male positive expression of life (sequence 1)
  • Male expression of death (sequence 2)
  • Female positive expression of life (sequence 3)
  • Female expression of death (sequence 4)

The frequency of CMT is the oscillation between the positive male life expression and the female positive life expression (sequences 1 - 4).

This is a very important point because it indicates (within a single wavefield) that the red electro-positive elements (states of motion) manifest BEFORE the blue electro-negative elements. They can and do manifest simultaneously BUT NOT IN THE SAME WAVEFIELD.
Up until this point, we has been attempting to understand how the blue elements were hidden inside carbon, those blue elements revealing themselves as carbon is unwound.
THIS IS NOT THE  CORRECT SEQUENCE for a single wavefield.
Yes, carbon does have to unwind but the blue elements are NOT exposed to our senses during that radiative male cycle. We have now isolated and correctly assigned the independent manifestation of any element to its correct sequence in the overall wave cycle.

Neighbouring wavefields run the above sequence but 180° out of phase with their neighbour. An array of wavefields ABC, A and C will express the same sex, while B will express the opposite sex. Then A and C
will express the same but OPPOSITE sex, likewise for B.
A/C = male the B = female
A/C = female the B = male

In other words, cells A/C will manifest sequence 1, while B will be manifesting sequence 3. Sequence 1 is 90°
out of phase with respect to sequence 3.
If you apply the reflection in a mirror analogy as indicated within the cubic wavefield model you would describe sequence 3 as a reflection of sequence 1.

Walter's accounts frequently confuse these two different sequences. Often, the descriptions indicate male and female character are being simultaneously expressed in the SAME wavefield. This NEVER happens.

Remember, each wavefield expresses male-ness, dies, THEN expresses female-ness and dies.
This simple sequence must be KNOWN and applied to every oscillation for every expression of Creation

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Polarity, Electricity and Magnetism

We know from the development of the radial model thus far that there are 4 separated sequences to the wave cycle.
Each wavefield lives, dies, lives in reverse, and finally dies.
During man's life cycle (0 - 80 years) the potential/vitality expressed by the body interface is constantly in flux. Polarity is a dynamic property.
Polarity is the division across the (conical) wavefield for any/each of the 4 wave cycle sequences.
If we look at the 4 sequences in terms of man's life cycle, it would sequence as follows,

  • sequence 1 : male life expression begins (0 yrs) and matures at 40 yrs
  • sequence 2 : male vitality declines from 40 yrs to 80 yrs, death.
  • sequence 3 : IN THE SAME WAVEFIELD female life begins and matures at 40 yrs
  • sequence 4 : female vitality declines from 40 to 80 yrs, death, sequence 1 begins again.

The sequence above continues forever. Every expression of Creation follows this sequence although the duration maybe infinitely short to infinitely long.
Polarity behaves similarly to the colour flux images above, it is in constant dynamic motion.

This image shows the 4 wave sequences. Don't read it as though the red is sitting on top of the blue expression.
Sequence 1 describes how polarity is established within a SINGLE expression of male-ness only. There is a positive expression which we can sense, but there is also a negative aspect which we can not sense.
Complete balance is maintained between the +ve/-ve expressions.
Walter refers to this unsensed aspect of the Creation process as the cubic wavefield that encases all positive expressions/manifestations of Creation. The division that occurs within sequence 1 is 180° opposed. This 180° opposition is not established between male and female-ness, rather male-ness is both positive and negative. In fact, the positive expression of YOU (your body) is projected into the simulation from your negative aspect.
Think of your negative self or any unsensed expression as the source of the LIFE FORCE which is condensed into the positive expression (body) of you.

You can not ignore the unsensed aspect if you wish to transmute states of motion.
When you wish to manifest/condense any positive expression of Creation you must do so, by first CREATING THE NEGATIVE and then projecting the positive expression INTO the matrix.
Cold is the Cause of heat. (Keep that heat pump model in mind!)

The apex of sequence 1 is the 40 yrs point. The conebase represents the 40 yrs you borrowed from your
negative expression. What is showing as a positive on one side of the balance sheet is also showing as a negative on the other side of the balance sheet. At death, the debt will be repaid.

So within sequence 1, male-ness balances its own life/death balance. Vitality increases until 40 years. The vitality is drawn FROM the negative expression. Your negative expression is your DIRECT connection to Mind.
Sequence 2 tells the story of the loss of vitality from 40 - 80 yrs. There are no blue elements expressed here, only the decay of the red elements. Death is reached when there is union between the +ve unwinding expression with the -ve expression at the wave axis boundary. Male-ness is fully discharged... with ITSELF!!!

The blue elements manifest during sequence 3, which is the GENERATIVE female cycle. It is important to realise female is not solely radiative, although Walter is not alway very clear on this point. He often confuses the radiative cycle (sequence 2) of male-ness with sequence 3 - female expression.
Female-ness is both generative and radiative. Sequence 3 must wait for sequence 2 to unwind fully before female-ness can be expressed in the same wavefield.
Female-ness and the blue elements are NOT locked inside carbon. Female-ness unfolds from the seed (inert gas) in sequence 3 just as male-ness did during sequence 1.

The frequency between sequences 1 and 3, creates the illusion of Newton's observation that "to every  action there is an equal and opposite reaction".

The two-way understanding of the universe shows clearly, that Walter's perspective of Newton's 3rd law is more extensive, including as it does the 4 sequences with the negative expressions for both male/female.

Think of polarity as a dynamic property of each sequence, 1 - 4 individually, and not as a division between sequences 1 and 3 only.

Electricity is the force used by Mind to divide and disturb the Stillness of Mind into the complexity of the
simulated expression of Creation.
A force is required because motion is the unnatural state or condition. All expressions of Creation must move in order to continue their existence within the simulation. But, matter moves to find rest. Stillness and rest are the natural states. Mind desires expression, but then that expression desires to return to Mind.

If Mind is silence, and the observed simulation is sound, then electricity is the force which keeps sound in motion, and AWAY from any axis of silence.

Electricity is the force that keeps a potential differential between the conebase and the apex. Electricity may be likened to a car-jack that keeps the auto suspended above the road. The image to the left can represent polarity (caused by electricity) for either of the 4 individual wave sequences.
A sexed-mated relationship is the balance between sequence 1 and sequence 3.
CMT produces loops of force in the same way man's current produces LOF in his electric coils. Mind thinks
in spiral waves.
CMT wraps its concentrative thinking in loops around stillness. The increase concentrative CMT causes the cone like structure because CMT compresses the previous expression. As the current of CMT runs from south towards north,  LOF appear at right angles to that current and manifest 'matter' in spiraling rings inside the cone. Lines of potential (CMT) are more tightly compacted at the anode apex (maximum compression), giving the illusion of gravity, while the potential lines are much more loosely packed towards the cathode conebase (maximum expansion). Loosely compacted, slow moving electrical potential manifests as cold space. This potential gradient may be likened to a step-up/down electrical transformer. Thought waves passing from the conebase towards the apex will be stepped up and thought waves traveling from the apex towards the conebase will be stepped down.
These stepping up/down points correspond to the locked potential positions of +1, +2, +3. ++4, -3, -2, -1.
Back in the day, science and religion divided man from his, at that time, the widely known true sense of self. The inquisition ensured the collective connectivity with the negative aspect (natural person) was severed. Science developed as a compartmentalised and fractured series of disciplines, with little co-sharing of ideas and discoveries and here we are today stilling looking for black holes, and God particles.
The science community has a better chance of finding Stephen Hawkins lead 'Riverdance' on a world tour.

Magnetism is discussed in more detail here.

Suffice it here to say, magnetism is not the force it is believed to be by the consensus scientific community. All motion wants to return to Stillness. A fast track option is exposed by an electric current which multiplies a gravity center into a gravity axis. Motion can 'see' that exposed gravity axis at the
extremes of the electric field. The north/south poles. But motion is intend on finding Stillness. It is not attracted to the N/S pole. The Stillness centers all rings of motion.

" I am within all things, centering them" - Mind

There are NO magnetic lines of forces in the universe. The phenomenon we experience with a gravity bar is the result of electric action only. The gravity bar can only manifest 'magnetism' when that gravity bar is FIRST subjected to a coiled electric current.
Magnetism and gravity appear to exist, but they each have their cause in electricity.
Magnetism and gravity have the same relationship to the simulated matrix as silence has to sound.

Magnetism and gravity 'appear' when the simulation is 'peeled' back to reveal the Stillness onto which the illusion was first projected.

See the cymatic example here.

There are no electro-magnetic waves anywhere in this universe. Every expression within our simulated Creation are entirely electric. The universe is populated by those electric fields. If the secret of all Creation lies within the wave, then we have to be able to explain away all of these illusionary force that science believes to be separate and individual forces.

Some extra info.

Once division has occurred, motion is imperative. Motion begins, so that it can immediately seek a rest condition. Once polarity exists, motion can never stop. Motion is the abnormal condition. Stillness is the normal condition. Mind is Still, the universe is a moving projection of Mind.
However, if motion must continue expression within the simulation, then, it will seek temporary rest in its search for complete voidance. Bodies like the moon for example can not fall towards the Earth as suggested by Newton. The electrical pressure conditions of the Earth and moon will not allow that to happen. If the moon was somehow dragged to 100,000 miles from the Earth, when released it would race back towards its original pressure condition, for the same reason a cork would race to the surface when released under water.
The reason for motion is due to the electrical potential gradient.
See more

Remember, modern science is built upon a foundation laid by Newton and later reinforced by Einstein. Einstein didn't even account for an Electric Universe in his equations. It might help here to quote Max Planck and Einstein.

Max Planck :"All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force. We must assume behind this force is the existence of a conscious intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter" and

Albert Einstein : "Anyone who becomes seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that there is a spirit manifest in the laws of the universe, a spirit vastly superior to that of man"

Natural Hermetic Law states "As above so below", reductionist science battles with the conflictual science of the macro and of the micro (quantum) universe, as if there is a divide somewhere between the two where one science ends and another begins!!!

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Universal Piston

The repeating cycles of the universe are based on the piston or the heat pump. I cannot overemphasise how important this mechanism is to understanding the whole concept of the Wave and RBI. This principle alone separates the one-way from the two-way universal thinkers.
This process alone is a clear example of how energy can run both up and downhill.

Cold generates - Generation contracts - Contraction compresses - Compression heats - Heat radiates - Radiation expands - Expansion cools.

Cold dark space is the source of generation. Science knows that matter appears from space but has misunderstood why it does so. If a condition is beyond measure, reductionist science tends to ignore the condition. Science tends to leave fuzzy, nebulous observations for other disciplines to ruminate over.
Cosmic Mind electrically compresses potential into a hot positive side and a cold negative expanded side. The compressed side heats, while the expanded side cools. With the Earth for example, we observe a hot core locked in place by cold space. The PZC interface is the uniform electrical pressure we know as
15 lbs/in². The positive apex of the compression cone is orientated towards the Earth's center, while the negative cone base extends towards cold space. When we observe from above we perceive compression, and when we observe skywards we perceive the expansion of space. This effect is caused by lensing due to the differential electric pressure zones within the cone arrangement.
The Earth's true N pole is at its core and not located at the ice capped pole.
All expressions of Creation manifest between the two extremes of either

  • matter, tenuous - solid
  • space.

Picture the compression pump on the 0 wave axis during the generative cycle. The pump is taking its feed from below the wave axis - not from the female expression but from the negative male expression!!!
The pump compresses space. The result is, an increase in pressure above the wave axis. Compression heats, which condenses...creating the appearance of matter.
Now, during the radiative cycle the pressure relief valve is located on the vertical ++4 axis. It controls the release of the hot accumulated potential back into a low pressure zone. That results in immediate evaporation and cooling, and cooling expands back to space to act as a feed and condenser for the next opposite sexed cycle.
Science has missed the two-way motion of the universe. It firmly believes that the universe will die a heat death due to expansion. It has no idea, that the universe expands and contracts simultaneously.
The universe is constantly on the move from the rim to the hub and from the hub to the rim. This is explained further below at "Duality and Opposed Motion".

In the heavens we see red bodies surrounded by space. These are compressing, centripetal male systems. Blue rings surrounded by red rings are centrifugal expanding female systems.

A note on Photography

We are all familiar with the concept of the 'negative' in photography. That photographic negative is capable of imaging the full positive image. All the information necessary to produce that positive has been compressed into a one layered negative. So when white light is shone through this negative a positive coloured image is obtained.
In commercial printing, a positive colour poster is produced using 4 negatives, one for each colour (cyan, magenta, yellow) and one for black. The final positive is built up in 4 layers by applying the appropriate colour over the corresponding negative. It is only after the black colour has been added, that the final image has any depth and perspective.
When CMT divides White Light to manifest an expression of Idea, CMT splits the wavefield into a right-handed positive half containing the cyan/magenta/yellow and the corresponding left-handed negative half containing the black. This is done for BOTH male and female expressions.
On their own, neither of these aspects (colour/black) of the division is complete and therefore cannot generate a full positive reproduction of the Idea. However, when these opposite images meet at the apex of their wavefield wave, then the full reproduction of the original Idea is manifested.
When Li for example is to be expressed, a positive and negative Lithium is the result of that division, not Li and F. This is the danger of thinking the red arrow is male and the blue arrow is female. If division occurs, as is popularly believed, then Li metal could not exist because Li would only manifest as LiF.
The photographic principle is a very important aspect in the creation of our imaged universe.
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The Wave cycle

  • Cubic wavefield = projector
  • Divided White Light = visible sensed motion
  • Black space = screen
  • Polarity = driving force
  • Seed = negative
  • electric gradient of the cone = lenses
  • Wave/heat pump = movie
  • CMT = projectionist This is an imaged universe, not a universe of form and matter.

We sense form/matter, where, only motion exists. We experience the appearance of that matter and form in the area between the thought wave boundary and the inner gravity axis of Stillness. Exactly in the same area that man's Fe cores get hot. from the outside in towards the center of the Fe core.

If the octave wave model is true, then that model applies to EVERY wave, i.e. every wave within a wave etc. In other words, for every expression, say Li, it too has within it, sub octave waves right down to an internal infinity. The sub-waves within an element (Li) manifest as the dimensions associated with that state of motion e.g. temperature, rotation, valency etc.
runs along the axis.

This is our starting point for our development of the entire wave cycle.
We will develop this model to explain the following,
  • origins of frequency
  • importance of considering SINGLE wavefield characteristics separate from the interaction of those single wavefield with neighbouring REVERSED wavefields
  • origins of N/S poles, gravity axis, conical compression/expansion
  • origins of E/W poles, gravity axis, radial compression/expansion
  • origins of male ONLY expression, how Li metal can accumulate WITHOUT Fluorine
  • origins of female ONLY expression, how Nitrogen gas can accumulate WITHOUT Boron
  • origins of negative Male (unsensed) expression. Equivalent to the cubic wavefield surrounding all positive expression of Creation. What -ve male actually is
  • origins of negative Female (unsensed) expression, and explanation of what function it serves
  • explain away, magnetism as a separate force
  • explain away, gravity as a separate force which pulls from within
  • The actual wave sequence and the incorporation of Walter's modification to  Newton's 3rd Law

The inert gas 0 axis must lie mid-way between the expression of maximum compression (sphere/hub) and the expression of maximum expansion (cube/rim). The inert gas is indicated by the balanced red/blue
rings. This is the acceptable simulated rest position for all motion.
When radio-activity causes the decay of matter, Helium is observed. Science believes He is expelled from the nucleus of the decaying atom. Walter's work suggests that any fully unwound expression of matter will stop (die) at He in our present electrical potential on Earth.

In the following model development you can assume I am describing a SINGLE wavefield (Carbon octave)only unless otherwise stated.

This inert condition will now be divided. The degrees of freedom for that division are as follows,
  • the blue ring can move left, with the red ring moving right
  • the red ring can move left, with the blue ring moving right
this division will manifest the north and south poles.

In addition to the above movement the red/blue ring can also contract and expand as follows,
  • red ring compresses toward hub, blue ring expands towards rim
  • blue ring compresses towards hub, red ring expands towards rim
this division will give rise to the east/west poles.

When these degrees of movement work in unison they will produce the conical arrangement.
This starting position is the birth place and the death bed of all expression within the wavefield.  The red/blue rings are surround and centered by Mind (grey). It takes great effort to disturb this rest inert condition. Mind will do so to express its Idea and will use lines of electric force to maintain that disturbance.

Walter uses these two images to express the 0 inert gas condition. He includes 8 the rings in total. I suspect these images actually include all the motion mentioned above but compressed down into one image. These images are therefore a complete cycle movie. Our model will build each individual sub-cycle of that movie separately.

Let us look first at the expression of Male-ness, and discuss the motion necessary to manifest this condition.
This image describes sequence 1 ONLY. It depicts the red rings moving to the right with the blue rings to the left! I have chosen to display these 'blue' ring as red to maintain the focus on male-ness.
Division occurs between the positive male expression AND the negative male expression. The motion is opposed and moves away from the 0 position is opposite directions. One side is compressing while the opposite side is expanding.
The positive expression manifests in the physical 3D world. The negative expression manifests in the unsensed metaphysical realm.
Sequence 1 elements desire to exist in an electro-positive environment, that is, they will tend to migrate towards the Earth's core.

The metaphysical is our direct connection to Mind. This expression has many names, cubic wavefield, 'the field', the akashic field, desire, gnosis, aura, anti-matter, higher consciousness, spirit, infinite energy, feminine energy, right brain, life force,  chakras, the source, Cause, energy source, inspiration.

This field can be accessed using enthogenic spirit medicines. A whole story in itself.

Science can not COPe (pun intended) with the fact that
  • energy is not a property contained within matter and
  • you can not build a device with a COP > 1
Energy is NOT in matter. Energy is extended to matter... from Mind. When a device is created with a COP > 1
is in balance with its own negative aspect. Infinite energy is available at every point in the universe.
One can build a device on and in the physical side of Creation, but one must KNOW how to interface that device with the negative side and plug in to the Source!

Balance is maintained at all times during the dynamic motion within the cone.
Imagine squeezing a balloon. As you compress one end the opposite end simultaneously expands.
The N/S pole is expressed between the cathode and the anode.
The red generative elements manifest during sequence 1. This is the winding up process of the red elements. In the carbon octave, Li, Be, B and C will manifest in sequence 1. In the MALE life-cycle, this sequence refers to the 0 - 40 yrs.

This image depicts sequence 2. This is the unwinding, death journey for any sequence 1 expression of Creation. It describes the 40 - 80 yrs time line in the MALE life-cycle. There are no blue elements present in the sequence. Death is achieved when the positive/negative expression meet at the birth place - the inert 0 position wave axis. The anode and cathode have switched positions. The compression pump is still running but now the release valve is open, pressure is being lost, although life is still expressed.

Now that Carbon has unwound, the blue elements are ready to manifest.

Sequence 3 is the female expression of sequence 1. Sequence 3 continues the N/S pole from the cathode to the anode. the blue elements are expressed in sequence 3. In the Carbon octave they are C, N, O, and F.
Carbon has a red AND a blue expression. These separate expressions will form a united pair when the cycles are in full swing!
Sequence 3 elements desire to exist in an electro-negative environment, that is, they will seek expansive atmospheric conditions.

Sequence 4 is analogous to sequence 2, but unwinds the female expression.

One of the main reasons students get tied up in Walter's wave descriptions is for the following reason...
This image is taken as the starting point. It then leads one to believe that sequence 1 manifests as a result of division into separate male and female expressions which exist simultaneously within the same wavefield. The red male is depicted as positive and generative, while the blue female is denoted as negative and radiative.
This understanding makes no sense what so ever and cannot be applied to most other explanations given by Walter to other area's of his cosmology.

This image alone is responsible for the belief that the blue elements are radiative in nature and unwind from the masculine red elements. This is not true to nature. Female is also generative. It has be generative in its own right.

If you continue your studies armed with the fact that, the division highlighted above is actually an overlap of two independent, out of phase, sequence 1 and 3 waves, and not the division of male/female, Walter's cosmology will be much easier to follow.

Here are the 4 parts of the cycle extended to include the immediate neighbouring wavefields.

This is a two-way opposed light universe. The male expression appears to run in one direction. The female expression appears to run in the opposite direction.

When we first started this model we began by moving the male expression to the right in sequence 1. What would have happened if we had chosen to move it instead to the left as sequence 1?
Firstly, sequences 2, 3, and 4 would have adjusted accordingly to maintain the proper geometrical and electrical orientation to sequence 1.
Now, when sequences 1 - 4 complete they repeat again in REVERSE. In other words,  red male goes right in sequence 1 but it re-orientates to the left for sequence 5. Sequences 6 -8 follow suit. This effect creates the illusion that the wave is traversing left/right when it only moves up/down.

This adds further to Walter's argument that light does not travel with a leading edge.

In order to complete the octave wave cycle we must now take into account the sequences from 5 to 8.
The sequences 5 - 8 are essentially the same as sequences 1 - 4 but they run in the opposite direction.
The full octave wave runs as follows. The sequence numbers have been added for clarity.

The only motion occurring here is a radial in breath towards the hub followed by an exhalation out towards the rim. The firing sequence creates an illusion that there is a pulse to the left, followed by a pulse to the right, just as the illusion of a Mexican wave is created when the participants only stand up and then sit down.

Tesla and Walter discussed their respective work. The relationship between sequence 1 and 5 makes it clear that the universe runs on A/C current. This is how Mind can utilise the electrical transformer model to increase or decrease potential.

This wave model will be further developed on the 'Wave II' page.

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