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The World of Walter Russell

"Within the Wave lies the secret of all Creation"

The purpose of this web site is to offer to students of Russell Cosmology helpful signposts along the journey into the work of Walter Russell and in the process reveal the truth in the above quotation. You already know all the answers you are seeking. Walter's Cosmology will help you remember all that you have forgotten. You may already be aware, that this journey is not for the faint hearted, and it is very easy to get lost and disillusioned along the way. The signposts I offer, will I hope keep you on a clear path and enable you to reach your destination. Unfortunately, the signposts do not indicate any shortcuts and this presentation is not a substitute for hard self-investigation.

I wish to develop a robust model of Walter Russell's wave/wavefield theory, and then to utilise this theory as a basis for transmutation and free energy. This model is in constant flux. That's not to say earlier versions are incorrect. Rather they are incomplete. A new understanding revealed in the radial model may help fine tune the cubic model. Those re-tunings in turn help develop another aspect of the overall cosmology model. The unfortunate consequence for the student is that the page content changes regularly.

I struggled for many years attempting to join the numerous models together into one cohesive overview of Walter's Cosmology. I found many apparent contradictions across all the individual models and there were many occasions when I wanted to simply leave the study and move on to something more 3D. I found it difficult to justify to myself spending so much time in an effort that appeared to offer very little in terms of a working understanding of the universe that could be then applied to our physical 3D existence. That struggle will probably never stop. The rabbit-hole is as deep as you it to be. I hope that in sharing some of my own models, they help smooth your path.

Generally, students are drawn to his wave, in the hope of finding some quick insight into Natural Law. I guess they do this in the hope of finding an easy route to a 'theory of everything' and limitless free energy. While these may be noble goals, the problems begin mainly because students search outside of themselves for all the answers. Walter's approach involves an acquaintance with the inner self. The kingdom of God is within, so it would seem like an appropriate place to start if one really desires to uncover the simplicity of Creation.
I spent many years on that external quest. It was however only when I made a conscious change in the direction of my own studies that I began to get a better understanding of Walter himself and his struggle to find the best method to impart his knowledge.  
Walter's Cosmology spans both the physical 3D sensed simulated reality and the unsensed metaphysical true reality. Our task is to correctly interpret what we observe in our sensed reality and to begin to learn about the true reality which we probably up until now never even knew existed.
Science has hampered itself. It ignores in the main the influence of the metaphysical aspect on the physical 3D aspect. As a direct result, it wastes all its time looking for Cause in effect. Imagine the problems a statistician would have if he/she always picked too small a sample population from which to draw an accurate view of the population as a whole.
Science suffers from a collective myopia, and when the theory doesn't match the facts, they simply change the facts.

It may seem counter-intuitive to begin our work in the metaphysical, with such an intangible principle as the Cubic Wavefield, but we cannot fully understand our universe of form and effect without first determining the Cause of that form.
This is entirely my own perspective, but I hope that sharing the journey I embarked upon with you, all will be of benefit in your own studies.

I will start from basic principles, developing a structure for the wavefield, then by dismantling Walter's entire wave cycle into its constituent, sequential parts, we will hopefully be in a position to rebuild the wave model from the base up...cone base up!!
The models will evolve and seem to extend beyond where Walter left off - the Earth's core being molten carbon rather than molten iron for example.

TIP: Reading and re-reading (left brain) the information documented by Walter will not be sufficient for a student to gain an acceptable level of understanding of the concepts described by Walter. Walter suggests that studying should be complemented by further contemplation and meditation (right brain) on those concepts.
In fact, Walter is really providing us with a path not only to explore and understand the external world we believe to be real, but more importantly, he provides us with a road map for inner personal discovery. I don't believe one can ever utilise the concepts outlined in Walter's theories in the outer world successfully unless the appropriate level of inner work has first been achieved.

I would strongly suggest that you question every aspect of your understanding of the theory.
Sit with it for as long as it takes to Know the principle you are studying. Fit that new knowledge into the next section of the theory. If something doesn't  fit, continue your investigation. No research will be wasted. The journey, learning what something is not, is just as valuable as a true discovery.

Another thing to bear in mind is that Walter's diagrams are in the main analogous to taking the individual negatives from a film strip, overlaying them on top of one another, and compressing them all into one single picture.

The problem most students are confronted with is that within one compressed negative you are expected to 'see' the entire dynamic motion of each individual phase although it is not obvious what happens as one phase ends and another begins!! This can make the path ahead quite confusing, particularly when diagrams depict the full wave cycle.

I will attempt to deconstruct Walter work in a simple way for you to 'see' the  elegance of his work for yourself. I hope you enjoy this presentation.

This site is constantly under review and will be updated regularly, as I develop the best presentation of the material, and increase the functionality of the site.
Drop me an email directly or via the contact form on the Contact page so I can add you to the update list.

Keep an eye out for additional drop down boxes on the top menu.

Images will scale up on hover, to facilitate closer study of the idea.
I have no affiliations to any institution. I simply wish to represent Walter's work to the best of my ability.
Hopefully, together we can help change the consensus reality paradigm for all.

Good Luck !

Many thanks to Wayne who started the ball rolling for me.
The starfish garden is a great source of enlightenment and encouragement.
Special thanks to Juergen for his interest, advice and attention to detail.

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