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Psychic Art

Drawings of spirit people re-created by mediums
Psychic art is perhaps one of the lesser known psychics skills, but also one of the most fascinating. Mediumship has many forms, where as some mediums 'see' spirit people and others hear them etc.,  some mediums are able to draw them! Often the medium had no previous artistic talent, and perhaps it is this fact that makes these portraits even more remarkable.
How does it work?
Psychic art is the reproduction of spirit people by drawing, painting, or non-conventional means.  Many modern day mediums will offer to tape a private sitting for you to take away with you, but how many can offer you a drawing? Psychic artists will not only draw, with a considerable amount of accuracy, our relatives in spirit, but can also draw our spirit guides. For some people developing their gift, this can be just as important.
In essence there is room for all the psychic talents, and pictures are yet another way of proving the existence of life after death. A psychic artist is a medium, and just as in clairvoyance or normal mediumship needs to be attuned to the spirit world.  
Many psychic mediums are also able to describe their communicators and like Coral Polge may also be able pick up names and other details...
Coral Polge - Psychic Artist
One of Britain's most well known psychic artists is Coral Polge. Coral is able, through the use of her mediumship, to create portraits of people in spirit. Coral uses an easel and coloured chalks, but is also able to comment on the impressions she receives, often being able to give names as well. Having been told she had the gift of psychic art, Coral developed the technique in her own home circle. Early scribbles slowly became sketches, so Coral decided to improve her artistic talent. Before long she was able to draw the images of spirit guides, including her own guide, Maurice de Latour, an eighteenth-century portrait painter.
Soon after Coral found she was able to produce drawings for private readings and the demand for her work increased. One problem that can arise though is that spirit communicators may not always present themselves as they were around the time they passed away, sometimes choosing to show a younger image of themselves.
Coral is quick to point out that people do not always get what they expect when she does a portrait. This can actually be quite typical of a lot of given psychic readings, often confusing information only makes sense sometime later. As was the case with this charming story. A lady received a portrait from Coral, but was disappointed that she did not recognise the man. However she liked the picture so much she decided to hang it in her hallway. A few months later new neighbours moved in next door and on a visit to the lady exclaimed "Where on earth did you get that picture of my father!" Such are the ways of our spirit friends!
Coral travelled to many countries to demonstrate this fascinating psychic skill, it remains just as fascinating today.
Coral has also had a book published; The Living Image by Coral Polge. 
(Thorsons; and Regency Press 1986)

Lynne Rose (Psychic Artist) writes for Psychic Wonders.

Psychic Wonders recently had the pleasure to speak to Lynne Rose, a British Psychic Artist living in Doncaster. After an interesting discussion Lynne agreed to write an article for us which describes her work, her understandings and observations, we hope you enjoy the insight she thoughtfully shares with us. (Contributed March 2000)
An article written by Lynne Rose.
What is psychic art ?
Psychic Art is a form of mediumship. Psychic artists are able to communicate with the world of spirit and allow the influence of the spirit to make themselves known with pictures. Many psychic artists are not artistic themselves and I am one of those. I have no background in art and without the influence of the spirit world cannot draw. However, once a "link" has been established the art flows. This is because I allow my Guide to take over and produce the picture. This perhaps brings us naturally on to the subject of the Guides themselves:-
What or who is a Spirit Guide ?
We are made up of pure spirit, we are born to this world and inhabit the material body, yet we are still spirit and when we cease to exist in the material body - that is when we die - we return to the world of spirit. So in fact we never die we merely continue in another form. Along side us at all times are souls who help us in our daily lives and in our spiritual journeys - which is what life is all about. We have been born on the material world for a purpose, to learn and grow. The more we learn, the more our spirit progresses and the more we understand the meaning of life itself.
Our Guides (or helpers if you would rather call them that) are with us always, whether we acknowledge that fact is immaterial, they stay with us and try to steer us in the right direction. Sometimes we are aware of an inner voice telling us what we should be doing or we should be going. Sometimes we are so wrapped up in material happenings that we do not care. If we took the time to listen to our instincts more, then we would make far fewer mistakes and we would avoid a great deal of the pain that everyday life brings. We have several guides and helpers  with us whilst we are living our lives on the earth plane, some people are aware of these beings and others are not. To be aware of one's guides is a wonderful experience, you know that you are never alone, you always have a wiser and more knowledgeable being sharing your life journey with you.
Each and everyone of us has a unique gift and it is in developing this gift that our guides help us tremendously. All of us have the ability to be psychic, although many ignore this. Those that wish to develop their abilities and use the gift can do so in many ways. Many choose to become mediums and healers, whatever the choice our guides are of utmost importance. They are the link between the material world and the world of spirit. Guides help us to work with truth and honesty and act as the link that is needed to provide communication and therefore proof that there is life after so-called death.  Our guides act as interpreters for those in the spirit world. They also protect us and above all do not judge us. They work within the power of love for without this there can be no communication with the spirit world.
So what kind of sprit beings are guides? Well, this is an important question, they are highly evolved souls who have lived on the earth plane - perhaps many times - they are wise and knowledgeable and have become so only because of their experiences - much like we are trying to be. Many Guides present themselves as Native American Indians, Incas, Chinese etc., they can of any race and any creed, they can even have been a dustman, a Gypsy or one of your grandparents, there is no prerequisite to being a guide.
How are Pictures of Guides Produced ?  
Pictures of Guides are produced by linking into the spirit world, much in the same way as a medium or clairvoyant would link in to provide a message for someone. To do this from a distance - that is by not actually sitting with the person who has asked for a picture of one of their Guides - I ask that individuals write a letter in their own handwriting and provided that the letter has a name and address on it for return of the picture, it is not necessary to give any personal details. Once I receive the letter I sit in the quiet and tune in to the power of spirit. I ask my guide for her help, and I wait and I draw and the picture develops almost on it's own - for as I mentioned earlier I cannot draw - so if I do not give myself over to the power of the spirit - nothing happens (or at least nothing more than a child like drawing). The picture unfolds itself and I am led to pick up different  pens, paints and use specific colours. In addition to drawing and almost simultaneously, information is being given to me to pass on to the recipient. I write this down and it sent back with the picture - for this is usually very valuable information of a spiritual nature and the guide in question is giving advice and knowledge. So that in a nutshell is how the portraits are produced and it never ceases to amaze me that I can actually do this, but there again "I" cant, the spirit influence - my Guide is doing the work, "I" am merely the instrument.
So - What will anyone achieve from having a picture of one of their Guides ?
There are various reasons why I am asked to draw Guides. Some of the reasons are; That someone is new to the subject of spiritualism itself, they will in this case have been drawn into the fascination of the subject for a reason, perhaps they have latent gifts and have been led into finding out more. They may wish to learn more but do not really know where to start or indeed  if they have any abilities at all. Many have been told of their Guides but have not seen them for themselves and a picture helps them to focus or think of them and indeed from that they can then put a face to this unknown being and begin to communicate more fully. Sometimes people ask for a picture of a Guide because they feel they have "lost their way" spiritually, maybe they have lost their faith or that life has thrown many obstacles in front of them and they simply do not know what to do next. There are many different reasons for having a picture of one or more of your Guides and more often than not you have the instinctive impulse to do this, this is in fact your Guide who is prompting you, trying to get you to recognise not only them but to give you information that you probably are aware of but have been ignoring. 
What do you need to do if you wish to have a picture of your Guide?
It really is very simple. Sit down and write a letter, remembering to put your name and address and send it to the address shown below. The picture is usually sent back to you within 2 weeks and they are approximately A3 in size, in full colour and are returned ready to frame and packaged carefully to avoid damage. The cost of having a picture done is £20.00, this covers post and packing as well. The address to send your letter to is as follows:-
Lynne Rose
4 Lockwood Bank
Please make cheques payable to Lynne Rose.
My thanks to Lynne for her insightful article - Russel.

(Lynne Rose was not the only Psychic Artist we spoke to...)
Stephen Cox (Psychic Artist) writes for Psychic Wonders. (Contributed April 2000)
Stephen (41), from Weston-super-Mare in England, explains how he came to be a Psychic Artist and how he produces the artwork he creates.
An article by Stephen Cox.
I've had psychic experiences since I was a child, and as my life continued I often questioned what life was about. I've seen a lot of suffering such as illness in the old and young during the course of my work.  I went through a period  when I questioned the presence of God and the universe.
In the 1980's,  I started to go to psychics who read hands and cards. I had definitely been pushed and guided to these special people. Every time I would come away with something - more knowledge and understanding. I began to see and hear things that made me want to actively search for a group that would allow me to explore the psychic world.
I found a group of 6 people who became good friends of mine. My development was strangely rapid. In 1993 I began to feel a need to express myself through writing.  Initially this was putting thoughts on paper, but then came what seemed like random lines - energy lines that seemed to have no meaning.
I then went to a group where a husband and wife were both mediums.  During this session, the husband went into a trance. The spirit who came through him told me that I was a psychic artist.   I really could not believe this, and I was not sure what this meant. I decided to find out more about what a psychic artist was.  I was led to the book by Coral Polge which explained a lot to me about the subject.
I continued to 'draw' the energy lines mentioned above, but these began to develop into drawings of faces of people. At first  I drew only guides,  then I began drawing people who had passed on, then people who are still on the earth plane but seemed to have a special importance or significance for the person I was drawing for.
I always knew I had guides who worked directly with me and that they each had separate functions, each having a role to play in my life.  As I continued to draw and to learn about this form of mediumship, I found I could also receive information for the person I was doing the drawing(s) for. I have a spirit guide called Robert who is a Scottish 17th century artist.  He initially showed himself to me in my very early drawings.
I found what works best for me is to have a photograph of the person in front of me.  I sit quietly and 'tune in' to the person, asking my guide to come close to me and I then feel empowered to draw.   As I draw, the face of someone develops before me.   I slowly formulate the portrait, always starting with the eyes. and then nose and mouth, building up the portrait from there.   I use either charcoal, pastel or water colours depending on what I feel is necessary to portray the emotion of this person coming through.   The end result is a portrait of a loved one (living or in spirit) or a guide, depending on what is needed for the inquirer.
I often draw 2 - 3 portraits, and write down information that comes to me for that person.   Sometimes these readings are 3 - 4 pages long.   I send this whole package, returning the person's original photo. For this I charge £20, which includes postage and packaging.  
For anyone interested in receiving a psychic portrait and reading, they can contact me at;
God bless,
Stephen Cox

Here is Psychic Artist Corrine of Bournemouth in England, who was extremely kind enough to let us have six examples of her work, which we have pleasure in sharing with you..
Corrine (Psychic Artist) writes for Psychic Wonders. (Contributed Jan 2001)
An article written by Corrine.
Like most people I have been aware of the fact that there is more to this world than what we can see with our eyes. Then through meditation I began to become aware of spirit guides. At first I did not know who these beings were in fancy dress, or so I though. Then they began to speak to me and I was overcome with their love and peacefulness.
 Guides come in many forms, and they all help us along our path. Some are protecting guides and some are here to develop our psychic abilities. Each has a role and each has a purpose. They give their love and guidance unconditionally, all they wish is your acceptance. These truths are what I have become aware of along the way. By shinning a light on what is a small part of a psychic world, I hope to encourage others to take an interest in their own guides and psychic abilities, which we all have.
I can draw you a picture, simply send a letter with your name and address and £20.00 to:-
15A Maple Road
BH9 2PN, UK.

Some examples of Corrine's work.

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