Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Merkaba Meditation

Drunvalo Melchizedek, the founder of Flower of Life Research, was given the Merkaba meditation information by his angels. Flower of Life has chosen to teach the material as originally and exactly given to Drunvalo. The Merkaba Meditation is a combination of sacred geometry teachings within a meditation that create a doorway through which you travel beyond the limitations of time and space to the unified living field of which we are all a part -- the living energy of all creation. As you become more adept in this practice, lives change profoundly as your inner eye opens to the unlimited potential of the human spirit. 

Activating the Merkaba through the 17-breath meditation will result in deeper contact with your Higher Self and it will strengthen every aspect of your life. You will be better able to relieve your stress, balance your mind and emotions, and heal yourself if the Merkaba is used often and consistently. Most importantly, you will experience and remember your intimate connection with God in a safe and nurturing environment. The Merkaba meditation, like the advanced Tibetan meditations, should be studied and practiced carefully and completely for best results.

Meditation is as old as humanity but far more important today. This meditation has a form and direction that allows an ordinary person to consciously experience God consciousness.
"I first experienced this meditation while I was about to go on stage at a consciousness convention. I was behind the stage in front of a meditation altar. I was silently meditating when suddenly Sri Yukteswar, Yogananda's guru, appeared in my inner vision. He appeared as real as life.
"He told me that there was a meditation I needed to know for the future. He explained in great detail what I should do to achieve the state of consciousness that he called the ''Unity Breath.'' He told me to drop what I was going to talk about, go on stage, and teach this meditation. It felt right, so I did!
"I walked onto the stage with no experience of the meditation, gave out the instructions and then, for the first time, experienced the meditation myself. I was amazed at its simplicity and the power of the results. It changed my life and prepared me for much that came later.
"I had assumed that this meditation was known only by the Hindus and Sri Yukteswar's lineage, but I soon learned that my assumption was far from the truth. As I traveled the world I found that many indigenous tribes knew and used a version of this meditation. The only difference among variations was the way the meditator connected with Father Sky or the Divine Father. Sri Yukteswar asked me, in connecting with the Divine Father, to connect with the sacred grids that surround the Earth, realizing that these sacred grids are connected to All Life Everywhere. But the grid concept is not known to very many indigenous tribes. What most of them do is connect with our sun, believing that our sun is connected to all other suns and ultimately to All Life Everywhere.
"What I know and believe is that it doesn't make any difference which concept we connect with. It is our intention that matters. And so, if you decide to use this meditation, use the Divine Father connection that feels right to you." - Drunvalo Melchizedek, ************

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