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Tom Campbell, and TOE

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Thomas Warren Campbell, Jr. (b. December 9, 1944), is a physicist,[1] and the author of the book trilogy My Big TOE.[2] (TOE is an acronym for Theory of Everything).

[edit] Biography

Campbell was the keynote speaker at The Monroe Institute’s twenty-second Professional Seminar, held March 20–24, 2010 (available on YouTube in English and also with Spanish subtitles), where he had previously been a member of the Board of Directors. The Monroe Institute credits Campbell as being the "TC (physicist)" described in Robert Monroe's second book Far Journeys.[3] Campbell discussed his book at a presentation to the London College of Spirituality February 22, 2008 entitled Physics, Metaphysics, and the Nature of Consciousness.
Campbell is a professional physicist with expertise in large-system simulations, technology development and integration, and complex system vulnerability and risk analysis, working mostly in the context of US missile defense systems, including working with the Space and Missile Defense Command, the Missile Defense Agency and NASA.[4][5]

[edit] References

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