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Shamanic Experience -- psychosis and transpersonal psychology

Transpersonal Psychology meets Psychosis, the Spiritual Emergence of the Transpersonal, Transcendent or Shamanic Reality


The colloquial expression for a Psychologist or Psychotherapist is Shrink and this is rather apt because this profession of the mindis preoccupied with dealing with Thought Forms (or Tulpa's) and shrinking Transcendent (Shamanic) Consciousness into tiny little boxes..


However, the Shamanic Experience IS the experience of Reality - happening in the time and space of NOW - this moment. It is the Transpersonal experience of Spirituality.
Psychosis, for so many, is the experience of the Transpersonal, Transcendent or ShamanicExperience (as opposed to the illusion of therealm of the Logical Linear Mind). It cannot be rationalized, labelled or put into nice little boxes - even by Transpersonal Psychology..

Intrinsically, to the rational mind, the Shamanic Experience is labelled as madness, because it transcends what we (in the illusion ofnormal Personality Consciousness which we call "awake") see as reality.

Symptoms of Spiritual Emergence

A doorway has opened and, rather than taking 500 milliseconds for the Tulpic Thought Process of what some call their minds toanalyseand discern and respond to what is going on, one enters a space of pure awareness of the moment - and of what is happening in that moment .. all of it.

For some, it can be likened to being "awake" and yet having the experience of a "lucid dream" .. perhaps with many eventstumbling over one another in the space of "no-time".
The Shamanic or Transpersonal Experience is one of Transcendent Consciousness.
For others, it can be like being aware of every thought of everyone around you. Maybe you might stun someone by speaking out loud (withoutthinking about it) exactly what they were thinking in that moment.

Boundaries dissolve. It is only the personality that has boundaries.It can be confusing for the rational mind to suddenly become aware that sounds have colours, tastes and smells. It can be a little scary to seewhat some call ghosts - which are nothing more than disembodied Tulpa's.

Some may hear voices and others may have visions. (at least, this is what they may call them)

Transcendent Reality

The Shamanic Experience cause revelations from the past, because, in reality, past is present now. Everything exists in consciousness.
The Shamanic Experience - because it is Transcendental of any boundary - is the experience of everything that may be goingon in your Reality in this moment .. and it will continually change, not is logical steps and stages, but as the flow of many layers, dimensions of a continuum.

Transcendent Reality is what happens when the mind no longer stops, processes and thinks. It is this Linear Function of Mind which is Transcended :no thought. Only with the experience of this space can one truly understand the difference between Reality and Illusion.

Reality and Illusion

What the mind does with these experiences is the conditioned response of the brain - the product of some Tulpa which has beencreated in a deluded attempt to keep these experiences away.

If you have one single attachment, it will be exposed in Transpersonal Consciousness.

If you have one single unresolved personality, Imprint or thought product or form in your psyche or physical body, it will come to your Shamanic Awareness.

Again, what the mind does with these experiences depends on its conditioning but, remember, the minds reaction will be basedon the conditioning to the reality it has had imprinted into it.

The mind conditioned to seeking understanding through rationality will break down in the face of the Transpersonal or Shamanic Experience.Reality is still present and will not go away in the minds vain attempt at holding onto its illusion.

Transpersonal Psychology

Consider the question: who is the "I" that is the observer, who is the "I" that seeks understanding.Then I might add: "Who is the I that is addicted to the pain and suffering that you are submitting yourself to" ... All of these add up to your ego.

In the Shamanic Experience, you become the Expression of what is passing through you. You are awareness aware of your awareness. Awake.

You can hold on to the experience or, you can allow the awareness of the moment to give way to an experience of a new moment.If you hold onto the experience, you will never experience the next moment - only your reaction to it.

If you choose Transpersonal as a Psychology for your mind or your education, then, once again, having been shrunk, you have gone back to sleep.

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