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About Higher Conciousness Society

  • The Higher Consciousness Society (HCS), a non-profit spiritual education organization, is an outgrowth of the book Confessions of a God Seeker: A Journey to Higher Consciousness by author and founder, Ford Johnson. It is based on The New Spiritual Paradigm presented in Part IV of Confessions, which embodies the principle that Soul is a reflection of, and possesses the attributes and characteristics of ALL THAT IS (GOD).
Our journey through numerous lifetimes takes place within a system of divine love and encompasses many dimensions of reality. The goal of this journey is to expand awareness to the realization that we are one with ALL THAT IS.
Growth in spiritual awareness does require the guidance of others, but only as teachers and guides, never as intercessors, masters, saviors, or by any other title suggesting spiritual superiority. HCS helps seekers of truth to move beyond these constructs to discover and live from their own spiritual center, for all beings are an equal part of the "ONE". We differ only in the degree to which we understand, accept, and live by the highest and most transcendent of all spiritual paradigms: I AM, GOD IS, WE ARE ONE. The spiritual giants of all ages knew and lived by this principle. That is how they could say, "I and the father are one." And just as it was true for them, it is true for everyone and available to everyone.
Seeing each person as part of the "ONE", the New Spiritual Paradigm recognizes that true inner guidance, protection and love comes from the higher-self or God-Soul, which is who and what we really are. Our bodies are, in reality, the machines that we utilize in the physical dimension and subsequently leave at the transition known as death.
The New Spiritual Paradigm recognizes the role of religion in the spiritual unfoldment of humankind. However, no religion represents the final answer in the search for spiritual truth. Religions are but classrooms in the spiritual education of Soul. While the stability provided by religious dogma, doctrine and hierarchical constructs are useful in the early stages of Soul's education, they become limitations--if not barriers--to Soul's growth to higher consciousness. No bible or religious book can encompass the totality of ALL THAT IS. There is more, much more! But, Soul cannot expand in awareness to encompass this higher truth if it is locked in religious doctrine masquerading as ultimate spiritual truth. Truth "is", and our capacity to embrace it expands as consciousness unfolds in its spiritual journey. That is why Soul must always remain open to truth. It is also why HCS emphasizes the enlightenment and empowerment of Soul, freeing it of all religious limitations and barriers. This service is called the Great Work.

HCS also embraces the Master Principle and the Master Technique, first presented in print in Confessions of a God Seeker. The Master Principle states:
“The greatest power that I possess is the power to decide what I will think next. From this decision my future is constructed.”
The Master Technique shows how to use the power of spirit to manifest in your life the abundance and happiness that is your birthright as Soul. Classes and an active bulletin board with input from seekers around the world can be found on this web site.
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The HCS Vision....
To serve as a physical vehicle for the Great Work which is to enlighten and empower Souls on their journey to higher consciousness; a journey to recognize and live from the realization that they are a divine spark of God .
  • To provide instruction, by teachers who are experienced in inner travel, to those seeking to personally explore the inner “mansions” of GOD, hear the inner sounds, see the majestic light and know the sublime love that is available to all.
  • To teach the techniques of manifestation, in partnership with spirit, through the focus of attention combined with inner vision and feeling, leading to self-mastery.
  • To impart to all, that the power and omnipresence of divine love resides within each person. This love can be tapped at any moment by merely recognizing and accepting it. Then, we become a channel to out-flow love to all. This is the transcendent Law of Love, a basic tenet of higher consciousness.
  • To provide a bridge, to seekers of all spiritual persuasions, to an understanding of their own divinity, and to empower them with the New Spiritual Paradigm: I AM, GOD IS, WE ARE ONE.

                                                                        HCS Contemplation........  .............                   The principles of the New Spiritual Paradigm are encapsulated in the following contemplation: .
The Higher Consciousness Contemplation of Life I *
I am one with ALL THAT IS.
I surrender to my higher self,
God-soul that is me.
In the eternity of now,
I rise above time and space
Into infinite spirit.
In this creative center
Of pure consciousness,
Where all things exist,
I accept into my life
That which I choose
For my wellbeing and spiritual unfoldment.
I think neither good nor bad
Of events in my life,
For they are without form.
Neither good nor bad,
Either good or bad,
My choice
Makes it my own.

Outcomes flow from
What I think, and
What I deem is true.
For how I act,
And what I accept,
Steers the course
That will ensue.
I focus on my higher self,
God-soul that is free.
A spark of GOD, part of the whole
That watches over me.
It meets my needs,
And steers my course,
On my journey home, to THEE.
I center
On my love for GOD,
And GOD’s boundless love for me,
A love that provides, protects
And guides my way,
To know the ONE
In me.
All there is.
And I as part of THEE,
Claim freedom
Joy, success
As mine,
GOD’s endless gift to me.


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