Monday, 18 November 2013

Psychic Trickery, or What?

By Robert Searle

On the internet there is a video at the time of writing in which the "aura" can be seen in 5 minutes via a specific procedure. Is this a psychic trick? In my case I thought it was, even though I did not undertake the process of "seeing" it.

What startled me was that the speaker on the video referred to the aura as having patterns similar to "heatwaves." This was exactly the experience I had  back in 2006. It may just be coincidence ofcourse. I recall seeing someone passing by whom I did not like. What I saw was not only his physical form but "heatwave" like patterns around parts of his body. The following day I was informed at a day centre that the person in question had died! He was only young, and it is believed he may have had an overdose of drugs, or possibly deliberately received ones of very poor quality. Anyway, I entered the day centre after finding out, and felt a presence possibly of him, and also, some vertical "heatwave-like energies" sans body..I must stress that these experiences were not very distinctive, and ofcourse, temporary.

I should also state that the "aura" indicated in the video concerned was not polychromatic (ie. many coloured as we would normally understand it) It  was probably the "lowest" sub-plane manifestation of  it, and hence, "easily" detectable assuming that  it is a real "psychic phenomena" in the first place.  Esoterically speaking ofcourse, the "aura" exists as a whole series of energy fields around the subtle bodies of people existing simultaneously in different planes.

There are quite a few examples of instant psychic "tricks" which may be "psychically real", or alternatively,  somekind of physical "phenomenon". One is reminded here of the Divine Light Mission, and the instant experience of the "Knowledge" which  could involve instant "Inner Sound", and " Inner Light" transmissions. Staring at the Mother Mera, a respected  lady Guru can lead to spontaneous inner experiences (Mouna Upadesa, or Silent "Initiation") which are arguably similar to that had by Neil Slade, and his stimulation exercises of the amgydala. Yet, whether any of this is genuine, or not is largely immaterial. They are from the esoteric POV phenonmena which are mainly limited to the "lowest" psychic "planes," or "sub-planes" rather. They are "unimportant". But for some they could be psychologically damaging in rare cases, or indeed, they could act as spur to explore more spiritual paths, rather than psychic ones .

Whether one has been involved in a  psychic occurence, or not the possible relevant "psychic energies" involved should ideally be distinctive rather than just cloudy, or vague like the "heatwaves" I experienced above.  An instance of a "non-distinctive" phenomena occurred sometime ago. I had the man who checked the gas appliances in my flat. He was a friendly Sikh  I knew, and he was dressed in a blue boiler suit. As I watched him working with his back facing me, I noticed something like "water" in a "circle" at the base of his spinal area. It may be that the colour blue of his boiler suit triggered off somekind of imaginary connection with water, and rivers.  However, several months later, and much to my horror he was reported as having drowned  in a local river. It is believed that he had committed suicide. Did I experience some sort of coincidence, or was it some type of "premonition?"

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