Saturday, 20 July 2013

Makara, Michael Robbins, and the Alice Bailey Teachings

Principles of Cosmology, Esoteric Astrology, Spiritual Psychology & the Seven Rays

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Tapestry of the Gods Series


"Music and Rituals for the New Age"
Michael Robbins & HG. Moses
on books of Alice Bailey
AAB Books & other recommendations
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Trans-Himalayan Occultism

focus on works of Alice Bailey, Helena Blavatsky, and classics of ageless wisdom

MaKaRa complements study & practice
of ageless wisdom meditation
Compilations, Initiation, Meditation, Charts,
-- such as the Pranava Vada by Bhagavan Das

and Initiation, Fire From Heaven, by Robert Borel
MaKaRa is a portal to Morya Federation Campus

Morya Federation is an online educational program, offering Ageless Wisdom Study and Meditation practice through comprehensive courses. The scheduled program spans 5 years of graduated levels of intensity, and self-pacing options allow every pilgrim to move through tailored resources, with the help of a large, friendly mentoring faculty, to achieve spiritual and practical goals.  We take service seriously and seek to apply common sense thinking to the problems of the world. Unique treatment of the 10 Seed Groups is provided -- for maximum practical effectiveness.
New classes start each December 21st, and self-pacing anytime.
- DOWNLOAD word.doc and email to apply
Email: MoryaFederation@g

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