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A New Integral Paradigm...From Kheper, the Classic Esoteric Site.

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Update 20 Sept 06 - Last week I finished the first draft of my essay "An Intregral/Holistic Metaparadigm", sent it off to a couple of guys to get their feedback before submitting it to Frank Visser's external linkIntegral World website. The process of writing it helped me develop my ideas some more (as writing generally does). So I now have some new ideas for my universal explanation of everything, which i want to add on my site. For a while I had let this go because i was feeling a bit disillusioned with over-intellectualism, but now I feel I can return to this subject with a better perspective.
Update 10 July 06 - The tentative title for my book is now Evolution, Metamorphosis, and Divinisation. I scrapped the old title because "Metaphysic" implies a mental conception, which in turn implies being limited to one's Mental Bubble or trapped in one's Mental Fortress.
Updates - old Index page, since rewritten
Update 10 July 06 (updated 20 Sept 06) The following pages were written some time back, and represent some tentative first steps at formulating a universal and unified esoteric science; one which works alongside and with scientific method. It is suggested that such a universal, or "integral", paradigm could constitute a wider framework into which human knowledge, in all its facets, can be placed.Currently this section is not being revised as my ideas have evolved further and some of these conceptual maps no longer reflect my current understanding. I am however busy on other projects, so have left these pages up for now, but will hopefully get around to revising them at some later point. My current projects include two essays - "Towards a Larger Definition of the Integral" (first essay in three parts - external link part 1part 2part 3part 4, Integral World websiteand "Towards a Larger Definition of the Integral (II)", and a book, Evolution, Metamorphosis, and Divinisation. See also external link my zaadz blog and external link blogspot blog for occaisonal announcements of where my thinking is going at the moment, or reports of work in progress.

(more to be added...)
(note: although the table of contents is arranged as if in a linear fashion (including chapter numbering), it is not necessary to follow any specific sequence. In keeping with the spirit of the Web, the pages represent a "democratic" network in which none is necessarily prior to or more important than another. The arrangement given here is purely provisional and simply for convenience. In addition, almost all these pages have links to elsewhere in the kheper website)
Update 23 Mar 06 - Work on this website is proceeding slowly, becaus eof priority being given to work on my book Towards an Integral Metaphysic. The book includes and revises the material on this site.
Update 26 Apr 06 - Once the manuscript of Towards an Integral Metaphysic is finished I will be radically revising some of thes epages, in keeping with my new insights. See also my blog for where my thinking is going at the moment..
Update 31 August 07 - Some of this material is being transferred to a new directory

A New Integral Paradigm
Shorter Contents 

Unmanifest Absolute / Unmanifest Sachchidananda
Unmanifest and Manifest Absolute / Manifest Sachchidananda 
Unmanifest <---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Manifest
includes the following realities: Sat, Chit-Tapas, Ananda, SupraMind
Sat /
Shunya /
Paramatman /
Absolute Truth
Ananda /
Kalyptos / Hidden Depths
Life / Love / Pathotism
Cosmic Shakti
Mind / Essence / Archetype
Divine Soul/Love
Divine Mind / Overmind / Atzilut / Relative Absolute
Levels of insight / self realisation
Intermediate Zone / Levels of siddhi /
Between Cosmic and Individual
Universe of Spiritual Mind (Illumination / Revelation)
Inner Being
Universe of Thought / Ideational Reality (Spectrum of Consciousness)
Samsara / Kleshas
Relative Truth
Universe of Desire / Will (Higher and Lower Planes)
Universe of Form / Structure includes the following:
Inner Physical Divine Being
Yang/Celestial Archetypal
SupraCausal Physical
Individual being
Finite / Limited Self
Causal Physical
Astral Etheric
Subtle Physical
Outer Being / Desire Soul / Lower Self
Physical Etheric
Gross Physical
(sphere of evolution)
Yin / Chthonic Archetypal
Negation / Inconscience

This thesis proposes that the nature, dynamics, and evolution of Consciousness and Reality can be mapped according to a number of specific parameters. Upon this grand canvas, all the more specific details about the nature of the individual and the cosmos, and the various fields of human knowledge, can be painted.
Update 26 Apr 06 - Once the manuscript of Towards an Integral Metaphysic is finished I will be radically revising some of thes epages, in keeping with my new insights. See also my blog for where my thinking is going at the moment.
Update 23 Mar 06 The following represents a provisional tabulation of my current position. Only some links have been added, and not all of these are consistent, because these pages need to be reorganised according to my new understanding. A complete revised version will appear on this site and in my book in progress - Towards an Integral Metaphysic - as time permits.
Note (10 Dec 05) - some of the metaphysical hypotheses currently presented in this section of the Kheper site will be comprehensively revised. Currently I am writing a book on my Integral Paradigm; and will also be revising some of the pages here. For one thing, I no longer accept the "Quadontological" Mandala diagram as an overall metaphysical diagram.
update 24 September 05: This project has undergone a number of dramatic changes in the process of writing it, regarding the metaphysics section and my attempt to formulate a "map of reality". As a result, my initial "Quadontology" has been relplaced

Longer Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Basic Principles, Epistemology, and Methodology
  3. Metaphysics - the nature of Consciousness/Reality
  4. Cosmology, Involution, and Evolution
  5. Individual, Social, and Spiritual Development


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