2. Extended meta-tech map

Proposed (partial) digital experiential context for the development of ubiquitous enlightenment.
I want the brightest minds on the planet in one circle working as a team, toward the same end, which is the enlightenment of the noosphere.
I (among others admittedly) have been quietly observing, curating and distilling the essence of our combined efforts, toward creating a “situation” or “context” in which a new paradigm of human interactions can grow its roots and shoots toward a future flourishing, as well as the memes and means by which to empower ourselves as a species to address the various sub-optimal scenarios playing out on the global field.
I would like to get us all on the same page so we can focus our efforts in collaboration toward a more specified agenda. I am just laying out the threads I am aware of for us all to consider moving forward – please add whatever I have missed and fill in the details of your facet of this multidimensional portal to the future of humanity :-)
Please save a copy and pass it on to anyone else who you consider needs to be included as well as back to me. I am willing to continue distilling the essence and iterating the process in a manner to be decided among us as we go along :-)
It appears that:
  • There is a call for action – specifically to facilitate the empowerment of all individuals to contribute to, and access the results of, the combined information contributions of all living systems on the planet. This call has given rise to increasing numbers of tool kits – in various stages of development and deployment which address various aspects of the call to action, in more or less effective ways. While almost all are being built for the World Wide Web, they are not yet integrated as a whole system.
  • Growing numbers of inspired Information and Communication Technology (ICT) masters among us are proposing, and developing outlines or parts of integrated, synchronous, comprehensive, universally accessible information structures for the World Wide Web. These are needed to support a coming suite of technologies designed to enable humanity to work together for the Good, in unity and diversity, globally and locally.
  • A growing team of visionary geniuses is beginning to share with each other their sense of the ‘coming suite of technologies’ – who is calling for it – why – how – and what it could become. They agree that it is designed to enable humanity to work together for the Good, and they have designs for that. They also sense the possibility that we could, through it, become directly aware of that which is manifesting as earth and all life aboard her.
  • This is US. WE are these people and these are our projects.
Some questions to clarify directions and workloads, so that we can collaborate effectively.
  • What is the scope of your current project(s)?
  • What is the timeline for your current project(s)?
  • How much of your time is already committed to your current project(s)?
  • How much time do you have available for additional commitments (while maintaining health and balance)?
  • What support do you need for your current project(s)?
  • If you/your team/project were called upon to deliver an empowering action facilitation platform to address the long term needs of the life support systems and all inhabitants of this planet – what would the end product look like?
  • Who/what/how would you/your team/project need to converge with to make this happen?
  • How do you imagine the average user of such a system would interact with it to achieve the desired effect?
  • Do you envision a way in which the information architecture to support this could evolve out of what we currently have?
  • What do you need to know now?
  • Would an evolving, collaboratively edited set of meta-maps of our combined potential empower you to contribute to the project? Would you like to help create them?