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On the Nature of Psychic Phenomena and Existence: A UFT, ToE, and GUT

  1.                               by Mason LGreccol Word
  2. So as for this. I will be starting with some of the more science related things and will quickly connect it to the phychic things.
  3. Something simple to begin with
  4. Everything is energy
  5. Wave-Particle duality
  6. Philosophical Mind-Body problem
  7. The nature of consciousness
  8. Wave-Particle duality and Mind-Body dualism are one in the same
  9. By that token all energy contains the basic properties of mind
  10. The Wave would be the properties of Mind inherent in all things
  11. Here is a simple thought experiment to accompany these claims:
  12. Thoughts can be measured to be waveforms
  13. Can you put the thought itself in a physical form of matter?
  14. And here is a physical experiment that supports these claims that I personally found pretty cool:
  15. So now I will defer to the Schrodinger's Cat experiment and the nature of waveform collapse
  16. While the cat is unseen in the box it could be either alive or dead.
  17. The origins of the Big Bang lie on the same principles
  18. The Plus + and Minus - charges.
  19. That is from which all arises.
  20. The + and - are already there in a nullified or Void state
  21. So here is where it starts to get fun
  22. I'm about to connect back much of the mysteries and mysticism and knowledge religion has fallen from back to its logical scientific roots
  23. This will include the concept of a God Almighty
  24. For ages religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism and Daoism have held to a central Force be it called Dharma or Dao or what have you
  25. Isaac Newton had relied on the idea of Action at a Distance in developig his theory of gravity
  26. Many across time have been proponents of such things as Aether Vortices
  27. In taking a view as pro the existence of such vortices or against it one can reasonably deduce that QFT would be the science of any such interconnecting field be it Aetheric or otherwise
  28. Everthing that there is can be seen to have arisen by the buildup of the + and -
  29. Oppisites
  30. Duality
  31. Dichtonomy
  32. On this lie the answers to the underpinning Truth of existence and First Principles
  33. Here is a link to the short Gnostic Text "Seven Sermons to the Dead" reproduced by Carl Jung which conveys what I will now say quite well in the first 3 sermos or sections:
  34. The talk of the above link on such things as Nothingness Pleroma and Abraxas
  35. The Void
  36. The good ol' Primordial Void
  37. From dust to dust
  38. Entropy
  39. This Pleroma is none other than the Eternal Primordial Void from which all things ariseth
  40. The simultaneous emptyness and fullness of the Void where as it contains Infinity in a Zero state
  41. This is the answer to the source of the Big Bang
  42. On the reasoning for symmetry breaking which would lead to a Big Bang and the arisal of matter I propose such an idea as the Nietzsche concept of the "Will to Power" seen here:
  43. The ever-continuing struggle against entropy is the plight of every particle
  44. The "Will to Power" by the inherent properties of mind found as the Wave is the principle by which one oppisite would go about gaining the power over its counter to arise from the Void and ignite such a huge chain reaction in the fabric of Space as can be evidenced from this side of creation or existence as a Big Bang
  45. The Void is the rational explanation for the religious concept of an Almighty Omnipresent that creates by thought
  46. As for the arisal of matter
  47. It would all boil down to such a rational nature as the Theories of Accretion said to be how the first stars would have been formed
  48. It has been experimentally confirmed that seemingly empty space is not empty
  49. It is known that waves and massive amounts of energy travel amist space constantly
  50. This is the answer to the arisal of matter
  51. Simple attraction between the + and - charges released in a Big Bang phenomena
  52. So now for starting to go toward explaining psychic phenomena a bit more and tying all things together
  53. This goes back to such things as Hermetic Principles and Sacred Geometry
  54. The roots of Philosophy were in the inteconnecting maths and the Phi ratio
  55. Phi-Lo-Sophia
  56. Sophia being the greek goddess of wisdom
  57. The Phi ratio 1.618 or Golden Mean can be seen all across existence
  58. The spiral of a Nautilus shell and the spiral of such wonderful celestial bodies as a Galaxy would be one such relevant and quick notation of this
  59. Image here:
  60. The Golden Spiral and the Fibonnaci sequence are repeating patterns in nature across existence
  61. Sacred geometry is the underlying unifying math of all manifest things
  62. The gravitational constant has been found to be remarkably close to 6.66 in most measurements
  63. 666 is a number that shows up in sacred geometry a LOT.
  64. 6.66 would be the gravitational constant
  65. The ancient cosmologies using Chiron and Ceres are replete with sacred geometry concepts
  66. As above so below
  67. Duality
  68. I posit that the weak force is the basic energy dynamics of existence (space would be an endless sea of + and - after all), the strong force is basically just attraction, and electromagnetism would be the fundamental oppisite force to gravity
  69. That is the answer for the unification of QM with the fundamental forces
  70. Gravity would be strongest at the core while electromagnetism would be strongest in the outset or the magnetic field
  71. Both would circulate in such a manner as is demonstrated in this GIF:
  72. This same pattern is evidenced in such things as the weather with hot air rises and cool air falls and in such things as convection currents
  73. This flow is the answer to such things as the spin of the electron and the spin of the planets
  74. The same basic interactions as can be seen in the atom amongst protons neutrons and electrons and their elementary charges would be continued on both infinitessimally larger and smaller scales
  75. For QFT or UFT in this case
  76. Length width and height would be all that is needed
  77. And their dual counterparts
  78. Imaginary and Real numbers would both be utilized for a complete model
  79. Tachyonic and baryonic energy
  80. Dimensions on the other side of what is Real or positive to us
  81. Would be a 6 dimensional model composed of 3r and 3i dimensions whereas the I dimensions would be the negative counterpart to our baryonic R dimensions and time in this model would be completely left to the basic formula of distance over speed equals time.
  82. That is a chart of what it would be like:
  83. Visually it would be like a toy jack turned on its side.
  84. This is one of the answers to the enigma of Anti-Matter
  85. Anti-matter would be tachyonic and would have a backwards arrow of time in travel as is related to our baryonic universe of what is seen on our side as matter
  86. That is why anti-matter can only be seen where there are large quantities of it produced such as around the magnetic field or around where there is seen evidence of a Black Hole
  87. This also explains the reasoning for the usage of I numbers in formula.
  88. It goes back to E=mc2
  89. Lightspeed would be the dimensional barrier between tachyonic and baryonic space and in this same way light would be what differentiates manifested existence from the Void
  90. It is like the quip about how toilets flush the other direction in the oppisite hemisphere of Earth
  91. Or how if we stood face to face your left is not my left
  92. In this system quadratic equations would be utilized
  93. I really find this interesting as both Star Trek and Star Wars used quadratics and had warp technology
  94. Especially since NASA is tinkering now with developing warp technology
  95. As far as Einstein Relativity goes in this matter: The reference frame bit would be done away with. As far as the stuff on time dilation goes in accords with a 6d system of space and not a 4d system of space-time it would be thus remedied by taking into account the temporal nature of space instead of factoring in the dilation of a linear measure by a reference frame. Many of his field equations are quite acccurate taking into account the spherical nature of things thus space would still be curved as he would have then posited space-time to be.
  96. And since I mentioned anti-matter I will quickly explain the enigma of Dark energy also.
  97. Dark Energy would be pretty simple. Dark energy would be like magma is on Earth. Dark flow that has been seen and Black and White holes would be analogous to Rifts and Volcanoes on Earth in how they move energy and create and destroy in such a cyclical means.
  98. Newton's 3rd law: "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction."
  99. I believe that the Big Bang event that would have caused our universe to come into being would also have given rise to a universe of a tachyonic nature.
  100. As for the nature of Psychic Phenomena and powers and how people can see into the future and such
  101. And why much of it would travel faster than light
  102. This goes back to the wave properties of the aspect of mind and the Void
  103. When you look at mind-body duality and wave-particle duality as being one in the same this yeilds answers to such things as super-symmetry and entanglement and the famed spooky action at a distance of EPR paradox
  104. The Void is the realm of mind. Of pure thought. All thought arises from the Void.
  105. All things are connected by the Void
  106. It is through this that psychic phenomena and skills can be explained
  107. A common example is how you can feel it often times when family or a loved one is hurting
  108. As for things such as Psi
  109. Much of that is using the mind to shape direct and control energy
  110. Energy would flow in vortexes following the pattern of the Golden Spiral
  111. This flow is the answer to much unanswered phenomena and the math of it lies in Sacred Geometry and Golden Mean math and Vortex Based Math which was (re)dscovered by Marko Rodin and is the knowledge that Numerology now was derived from
  112. Aether vortexes
  113. Energy Vortexes
  114. Everything has an Aetheric or Energy body
  115. Standard principles of decay and energy leaking can vouch for this
  116. Much Psi is by the manipulation of such an energy body
  117. The Human Aura is the energy body
  118. So yeah. As simple as all of this is, it is the underlying, streamlined, and all-encompassing answers that science now seeks.
  119. Thanks for reading and I hope that you will consider the truths contained in this article

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