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information space.
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Toward a System Theoretic Metaphysics of the Nature of Reality,
A Collection of Essays from a Journey of Discovery
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force field.
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 (50MB zip file, 2009-05-30), contains everything except the MysticVisions gallery.

Books and Major Essays:
System Science of Virtual Reality: Toward the Unification of Empirical and Subjective Science. A detailed report on the main mathematical / theoretical aspects of this work.
What is Consciousness?: discusses some of the main rammifications of this paradigm on our understanding of ourselves and the nature of the world that we experience.
The Red Pill eBook: Systems Analysis of Mind, Knowledge, 'the World' and Holistic Science.
The Gaian-Ego Hypothesis eBook: Systems Analysis of Organisation, Ego, Control and Authoritarianism.
A Conceptual Bridge: From Science to Spirituality
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The Main Sections
General Discussions: on the approach of the work presented on this website, on the overall computational metaphysics, on some applications of these concepts and also some related issues. This provides a descriptive introduction to the key ideas, using the conceptual languages of perennial wisdom and system theory.
Mathematical Analysis: a detailed computational metaphysics of the virtual reality generative process that lies beyond the phenomenal world and that manifests it in each moment of existence. Using matrix algebra and finite state automata it provides various mathematical methods, models and software prototypes with which one may explore the metaphysical issues and their ramifications on the world that we experience.
Other Related Metaphysical Works: a collection of summaries and/or links to works by other people that are somehow related to this work.
SMN v5.1 ParticleDraw :
A drawing program where the brushes are complex dynamical systems of particles with interesting behaviours (the program is also a "general system" simulator that manifests artificial universes with similar information theoretic properties to our own). One can construct and tune the empirical systems in incredibly intricate ways, thus producing many interesting brushes and visual effects. More Information or see the Gallery of images made with this program.
This program is a software implementation of the mathematical methods employed in the metaphysical analysis, it illustrates that the mathematics is coherent and that it constitutes a transcendent information process that manifests coherent experiential contexts (or artificial universes).
MysticVisions SlideShowMysticVisionsLogoMysticVisions SlideShow
An artistic exploration into metaphysical spaces and alternate worlds.
For a popular-science style introduction to the overall metaphysical context: Read these books: Science and the Akashic Field,   The Field and Piercing Time and Space.   They describe an emergingscientific and spiritual revolution with profound transformative potential.
For a no nonsense spiritual introduction to the metaphysical context: read the works of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj (see I am That). He speaks clear, concise, profound wisdom. I would also recommendSri Ramana MaharshiSri Ramesh BalsekarSri H.W.L Poonja (Papaji) and Sri Gangaji. These are all modern day masters of gnana yoga (yoga of Supreme Knowledge). I would also recommend theLankavatara Sutra for a very clear Buddhist perspective. There's also Tilopa's Song of Mahamudra and the Ashtavakra Gita... They all express the same ageless wisdom as that which is on this site but in different ways.

A message from the I Ching, I have asked for a message of reassurance that I may pass on with this work.
Personal Holistic Healing: This work is a part of my own personal healing process.
A Brief Intellectual History: of how the underlying ideas evolved and came to be expressed here.
Why do I write these things?

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