Friday, 28 June 2013

Enter Esoterics

Physicists may consider esoteric philosophy to be irrational nonsense with no empirical basis - for good reason, since most of what is called "esoteric" is not the genuine esoteric science at all. Having studied this subtle science for many years, however, I have come to know it as profoundly logical and not incompatible with the facts of physics. In these papers I demonstrate that the esoteric science shines a powerful light of understanding upon the big problems of contemporary physics, providing vital clues to their resolution. While written for any intelligent reader, those with some physics background will gain the most. Please leave your assumptions behind, follow the logic, and make up your own mind.

Is this Real Science?
According to the philosopher Karl Popper, empirical science is that which can be falsified. By this definition, this framework is indeed science. Each of these papers presents a clear prescription to mathematical physicists. When the mathematics is carried through, what was obtuse should become simple and transparent. If that doesn't happen, the framework falls.

Download Papers  Imaginary Physics (pdf, 70p, 550k). Version 1: Oct 22, 2012. (Archived on viXra.)    Ready for a different perspective on the Universe? My most recent paper goes back to the very fundamentals, the ontology of imaginary and complex numbers, and starts from there. In a nut shell, the argument derives the esoteric model on the basis of physical and mathematical principles alone, while illuminating a variety of scientific mysteries along the way. It corrects and advances the scientific content in my earlier papers without resort to esoteric content. Be ready for some abstract thinking, and be sure to let logic be your guide. (Note that a full understanding of this paper becomes possible only when the philosophical aspects are brought to bear, being the focus of current activity. Nonetheless, the physical/mathematical argument supports itself as presented here.) My earlier two papers (below) approach the framework from both scientific and esoteric perspectives. Technical readers will note some minor technical errors and misteps in the presentation - note that these do not influence the central argument, which in each case remains valid and intact.    Framework for Unification of Physics (pdf, 29p, 400k). Version 2: Oct 15, 2010.    Attributive Quantum Fields (pdf, 23p, 233k). Version 4: May 26, 2011.      Creative Commons License
These works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License. They may be shared, copied and distributed under the conditions of the license.


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