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Psycho-Electronic Connection Testing

 What is suggested here may seem strange. But if one understands the basic reasoning behind it then all should appear clear, and "obvious"..
...One important way to "prove" that there are such things as subtle energies from some form of psycho-spiritual universe is to actually experience them. This can happen via meditation (or indeed, via a "healing" session) in which degrees of a highly subtle bliss may be experienced, and visions even may be had. However, one way way to facilitate any "connection" may be through being in the prescence of some esoteric Teacher of any tradition. He, or she may give out "positive vibes". Depending on ones degree of sensitivity these can be picked up, and may even include visual phenomena such as seeing an aura, or coloured rays, et cetera. Such experiences with a Teacher may lead to some degree of "mystical" awakening. How long this awakening continues probably depends on the amount of purity, and genuine desire to seek self-unfoldment. This process is a spontaneous initiation. A Teacher may be willing to disclose some form of meditation which helps to enhance the awakening into something more permanent, and more purifying. Yet, some awakenings may involve an official initiation in which subtle energies may then be experienced. In India, just looking at the Guru to receive such inner experiences, or "Grace" is known as Mouna Upadesa, or Silent Initiation.
I, the originator of PECT had two awakenings from Dr, Sharma, and Sant Harjit Singh who belonged to the same lineage of the originating Master, Faqir Chand. The descriptions which I gave, and published in Thoughts, and Visions blog were almost identiical to one another but difficult ofcourse to describe completely. This seemed to be suggestive that both Gurus emanated from the "same" spiritual level of superconciouness.

Apart from this, for many years I associated myself with a sect known as Radah Soami Satsang Beas. This involved attending various spiritual meetings along with their rareified "atmosphere" or "energies" which probably increased my sensitivity to essentially positive "vibrations". What was later discovered when I had contact with Sant Harjit Singh in 2007 is that I became even more aware of waves of highly subtle energy.....notably via a landline telephone which seemed to be "less" effective than a mobile phone which ofcourse has no "wire" connections..

Anyway, a respected devotee of Harjit Singh, James Chagula also had a like experience, and probably others likewise.. It was as if the electronic transmission of the telephonic communication was not only transmitting physical energy but also uplifting psycho-spiritual energies at the sametime. This in turn lead to a raising of conciousness to a "high". However, the afteraffects of this awareness may last for sometime after communication with the Guru on the phone. It also appears too that just looking at a photo of some live, or dead Master may also stimulate "higher conciousness". It is suspected though that the voice transmited via electronic means is perhaps the most potent means to bring about "connection" But it must be said that what is experienced is probably in most cases a low grade form of higher energy.
Another bizarre thing happened when I started to realize that I could actually feel different grades of this subtle energy from various voice (and visual) recordings of Gurus,and other advanced Teachers on the internet. It seemed immaterial whether they were living, or dead. Their recorded words still carried energies which could transcend time, and space. Virtually no visual "phenomena" were involved.
A fascinating aspect to this which needs to be fully tested is to see if certain Adepts came from the same plane of superconciosness. Thus, one line of Teachers from one tradition teaching the same meditation practice should have the "same" energy as his, or her predecessor. If so, this could be suggestive of them being from the same plane of higher concioussness. Such a notion has already been mooted at in connection with Dr Sharma, and Sant Harjit Singh.. but is worth repeating. It indicates a degree of objective dynamics at work.

Creating PECT as a Structured System.

It should become obvious that such psycho-electronic connection testing, or PECT could be a structured system in which people could make deliberate attempts to contact energies via spiritual Teachers of one sort, or another. Such an approach may inspire those who are really keen for spiritual development to have their progress quickened possibly. Yet, as indicated this will be only temporary in most cases but at least it would be a step in the right direction.
The internet could play a major part in the development of PECT in which a series of Teachers, and/or advanced disciples could be filmed in real-time, or otherwise. People staring at them on their computer screens may receive experiences. This in the main will probably be super tactile as opposed to visual in any way. Attempted discriptions of the resulting PECT experiences could be recorded, and compared at a "centralised" point of researchers in the network of internet users.

No doubt other ideas could be developed in the structuring of PECT. But the present should suffice....

.......On the internet somewhere (if it still exists) there was an image of guru, or yogi who claimed to cure illnesses just by looking at his picture.Whether anyone had any success at this at all is another matter, and could result in a placebo effect!
One is also reminded here that someone went to a healer, and later discovered through meeting him, or her that the "gift" of healing had been "transmited" to them. Incidently, feeling healing energies, or being "healed" is usually an easy, and quick way of experiencing "subtle energies". Unlike PECT though, none of this involved physical electrical energy as a "carrier" of psycho-spiritual energy save for the case of the guru, or yogi mentioned in the above.

Some "Relevant" Links.

The links below originated notably from my blog entitled Thoughts, and Visions. Here again, they do not deal with the use of electronic energy to facililtate human connection but the matters discussed here may still be of relevance, and interest. Electrical energy, and its relationship with "psychic" energy is still esentially terra incognito from a more scientific point of view.

The following is a copy of a section from the following link.

"...Depending on ones sensitivity when I have attended Satsang at Southall there is an intense concentration of the subtle energies of higher conciousness. This awareness I believe has been increased after my experiences with Sant Harjit Singh. What is significant is that this "sea" of higher energies does NOT come from the Satsangis alone. In other words, it may well have a divine source, or sources. I recall feeling this Power descending from the ceiling of the Satsang Hall in a most gentle, and spontaneous manner. Sometimes ofcourse one can see a white glow in some of the Satsangis themselves which is extremely subtle.
When I leave the Southall Satsang this higher energy of conciousness can be experienced in the wonderful park nearby. I also recall Sant Harjit Singhs energy not only in his house but also outside...and beyond ofcourse. This is a matter of personal experience, and I cannot prove it unfortunately...
Ofcourse, critics would say that the above is experienced in places like football matches, and pop music festivals...when the atmosphere becomes electric!! However, what I experienced (along with many others) is something far more than this. It is A POWER unlike anything of this world..."
The following link is of great interest in regards to PECT, and comes from a google discussion group, and it is clear that a devotee of Harjit Singh received "energies" via a telephonic quote in brief ... " I (James Chagula ) listened to the Saint's voice; a very tangible, warm, Love-energy began to seep directly from the telephone handset into my earlobe. The shakti (energy) then permeated my body and began to flood my mind................

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