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Esoteric Futures
Markley to Launch Ashram in Texas
Oct 5, 2011Oliver Markley, PhD, long-time futurist and professor emeritus of Human Sciences and Studies of the Future, announced today he has recently moved to the city of Pflugerville, just north of Austin, where he will co-found the White Lotus Ashram with inspirational author, Delia Trujillo as a sacred space for reflection, discernment and renewal.

Esoteric Futures
Cook Proposes Eugenics Reformation to Space
Aug 28, 2006When man, the symbolic animal, forgets how to read his mythology, he watches the crumbling of the Twin Towers on television and fails to recognize David bringing down Goliath. He shoves his head under the sand of media babble while his leaders gather in the national cathedral to pray to a dead God. Decadent Christendom is not David. And a Christianity that prays to the dead God is a dead duck. Howard Cook's 'Be Done on Earth' is a radical manifesto calling for a complete reformation of religion through eugenics.

Esoteric Futures
Artist Prepares a 'Rethinking Christianity' Display
Jan 26, 2006
Jim Foreman, a 62 year old artist, is mounting a freestanding art display, entitled, 'Rethinking Christianity, Leadership, and the World in the New Millennium.' Accompanying the artwork is a discussion program for progressive spiritual groups.

Esoteric Futures
Multi-Dimensional Science: a new paradigmNov 15, 2005Writing from the esoteric tradition, Robert Searle draws upon parapsychology or psychical research in an attempt to integrate science with mysticism. Central to mysticism is the concept of an unseen non-physical psychic, or spiritual universe. It is undetectable by our by five limited senses. In western philosophy it can only be accepted on grounds of faith. Searle offers his proposal for investigating altered states of conciousness.   Visit Website ] (or indeed, the more authorative link of             

Esoteric Futures
An Esoteric Vision for the Future
Jan 19, 2005
A relaunched Kheper website, with over 1,500 pages, offers a new scientific and esoteric evolutionary paradigm concerning the nature of existence, its infinite metamorphoses, the transformation of the Earth, and thinking toward planetary consciousness. Michel Bauwens reviews this window into an Esoteric futures vision, based on post-singularity state of supramental divinization.

Esoteric Futures
The Focus of Esoteric Futures
Apr 10, 1999
Richard Kirby asks, What does it mean to be an esoteric futurist? Where does esoteric philosophy and futures research meet?

Esoteric Futures
Spirituality, Art and Healing
Aug 7, 2003
Is there a way to define ourselves and grow towards an integral totality that feels surprisingly simple? How do we balance the areas of health, art, and spirituality, combining different approaches into a comprehensive vision. Writer Julia Keel offers her thoughts in working toward a whole.

Esoteric Futures
Invisible and Visible Worlds
Mar 21, 2003Rev. Carol E. Parrish offers an esoteric study of relationships between the visible and invisible worlds.

Esoteric Futures
Robert Muller, The Millennium Maker
May 1, 1999
Twenty-five years before the year 2000, Robert Muller called for the millennium to be milestone in humanity's journey toward peace.

Esoteric Futures
The Cornerstone of Esoteric Christianity
Dec 13, 1998
Carol Parrish-Harra provides ten points that describes the pursuit of esoteric Christianity and the perennial philosophy

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