Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Holographic Brain Theory

 The noted writer, Anthony Peake wrote...

I am now fortunate enough to be linking up with some of the world's most revolutionary thinkers from across the globe. These guys are REAL scientists (unlike me) with doctorates in physics and other material sciences. I am deeply honoured t...hat these researchers think that my ideas and speculation have validity within their own models of reality. Yesterday I had a fascinating two hour discussion with an associate in Wisconsin. He had worked with Karl Pribram and was keen to put an "itladian" slant on Pribram's holographic mind model. Then, this morning, by chance, in one of my other FB Groups (Quantum Science) I came across this fascinating paper discussing Pribram's "holographic brain theory". Some of you will recall I discuss Karl's work in ITLAD ....  
Ref :Facebook

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