Saturday, 4 May 2013

Paranormal Utopia

A free paranormal app available for the iPhone allows users to report and discuss paranormal experiences and sightings while also aiming to build the largest database of paranormal events in the world.  Paranormal+ was designed with a safe space for people to discuss their sightings and experiences away from those that may be skeptical or critical.  It allows experiencers to share their stories in real time which is expected to create better reporting when it’s still fresh in the minds of the witnesses.
“We have created the free iPhone and Android app’s in order to help build the world’s single largest and most comprehensive paranormal database. Our primary aims are to collect; map; categorize; and then analyze the entire paranormal world one event at a time”, says the app’s creator, Robert Phillips.
Additional features of the app allows users to be updated on paranormal news, participate in polls, watch and download related sighting videos, add details to reported events that they might have also witnessed that were already reported and find related books that they might be interested in (this is probably how they’ll make their money).
The app launched into the iTunes store in April 2013.  As of the time I posted this article, it has had 50 reviews (which is a feat in and of itself to get people to rate on iTunes unless it’s a bad review) and all of them seem to be positive with a 5 star average.  Once I downloaded it, I noticed that it had a hard time allowing me to sign in with Facebook (one of the registration options) and unfortunately requires a lot of personal information to be accessed if you accept use of it, including your personal details, friends lists, etc. and requests to be able to post on your friends’ walls as well.  To me, that seems fairly counterproductive in it’s idea behind a safe place away from skepticism and judgement.    You can skip this option, but I always find it intrusive when any independent app requires this kind of information from me.

A more "credible" site is the following.

There are similiar "less credible" type sites which ask for psychic experiences.  RS

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