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Manavta Mandir

Manavta Mandir Hoshiarpur
Manavta Mandir
Foundation of Manavta Mandir
          Prior to the foundation of Manavta Mandir, his Holiness Param Dayalji Maharaj used to give Satsang at the residence of Master Mohan Lal every month. Seth Durga Dass Ji of Chandigarh, who was also follower of Data Dayal Ji Maharaj and used to record the discourses of Param Dayal Ji Maharaj, offered Rs. 22000/- to purchase the land for the purpose.
          Sh. Narain Dass Dogra, Master Mohan Lal, his sons Baldev Sharma Sh. Hajari Lal, Sh. Lal Singh, village Jhawan, Dr. Darshan Singh of village Deriwal, Master Kundan Lal of village Singhpur and many more contributed for this Noble Cause.

About 2 acres of land was purchased on Sutehri Road. The foundation pillar was installed by His Holiness himself.
          Initially one Hall, one rest room for His Holiness and one langer room (kitchen), were constructed. The statue of Maharishi Shiv Brat Lal Ji Maharaj which was reverently preserved at 18, Railway Mandi, the residence of Param Dayal Ji was installed in this Hall on the eastern side with a beautiful canopy. On the Northern wall was fixed the inspiring photograph of Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj of Dera Baba Jaimal Singh Ji for whom Param Dayal Ji Maharaj had great reverence. On the western side of the Hall was arranged seat for His Holiness to give Sat Sang, which is maintained as such even today.
The activity
          After having this much accommodation, the first Sant Sammelan (congregation of saints) was organized on 13th and 14th of April 1962 as Vaisakhi Satsang. In this Sant Sammelan Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj, Jain Muni Sushil Kumar Ji, Pere-i-Mughan Sahib, Sh. Nand Dayal from Delhi, Sh. Bhai Nandu Singh Ji Maharaj from Nizamabad, Sant Harnam Singh and Sh. Anand Rao Ji Maharaj from Secunderabad graced the occasion. His Holiness Param Dayal Ji Maharaj hoisted the flag of MANAVTA (Humanity) and named this temple as Manavta Mandir (The Temple of Humanity). Later Bhagat Munshi Ram Ji wrote flag song of Manavta Mandir. Sant Sammelan is an annual feature in which thousands of followers from far and near come every year.
         Constitution of the Faqir Library Charitable Trust
Keeping in view the administrative aspect of this institute, His Holiness proposed to constitute a Trust, which contained 20 members with an executive body of 5 members and this was named as “Faqir Library Charitable Trust”. It was a registered trust.
Publication of Manav Mandir (a periodical)

          Manavta Mandir became a centre of solace for thousands afflicted. Donations started to pour in. So in order to spread the teaching of His Holiness, along with the writings of Maharishi Hazur Data Dayal Ji Maharaj, a monthly magazine titled ‘MANAV MANDIR’ was started. Param Dayal Ji Maharaj ordained that VED (वेद) i.e. Gian cannot be sold. So it was not priced. Same will of His Holiness is followed and Manav Mandir is sent free of cost to all seekers in the country and abroad.
Expansion of the temple building
          With the increase of the followers of Truth revealed by His Holiness, the income of the trust also increased many fold. To provide accommodation to the stream of followers, construction of rooms was undertaken in a systematic manner. Along with the primary Hall, a bigger hall to accommodate about 1000 devotees was constructed. Thereafter a regular process of construction continued. At present there are 56 rooms. 17 rooms with attached bath rooms, 3 langer rooms (kitchen), 1 garage, 1 book shop, 6 shops on road side. Trust has its own tube well for regular water supply and generators to meet the shortage of electricity in emergency.
Museum and archives
          In a museum in the temple a statue of His Holiness is installed. The Rickshaw on which Hazur Param Dayal Ji Maharaj used to come to Manavta Mandir at 6 A.M in the morning and return to 18, Railway Mandi in the evening, is kept herein. This room is named Anami Dham.

Replica of Baba Faqir Chand

Rickshaw of Faqir Chand Ji

SAMADHI of Baba Faqir Chand
          Before leaving for America after giving last Sat sang on Guru Purnima. Hazur sent for Bhagat Munshi Ram Ji and told him. “Bhagat Ji I am leaving for America and will return in a Box”. Took Bhagat Ji aside and told. “My body be cremated here and later on the flag of Manavta (Manushya Bano) be unfurled on it.”
          In obedience to the will of His Holiness, a simple Samadhi with flag of Manavta unfurled on it, has become a place of worship for thousands of devotees who visit Manavta Mandir daily to have peace of mind and get their worldly desires fulfilled.

With the help of a donation made by Dr. Ram Dev Rao a primary  school for the children was established in 1974.
For admission in the school parents of the wards have to give an undertaking that they would not give birth to more than two/three children. Only nominal fee is charged. Teachers impart knowledge on physical, social, moral and spiritual values of human life to the upcoming children.
         The school was upgraded to 10th class and affiliated to Punjab School Educational Board Chandigarh in the year 1997-98.
His Holiness Param Dayal Ji Maharaj with an intent to help the poor who were not able to purchase costly medicines and get costly treatment for ailments, opened one free Allopathic- dispensary which after sometime was changed into Homeopathic dispensary in 1967. The aim of the dispensary is to serve the patient without any consideration of caste or creed, rich or poor.
          To manage the multifarious activities of Manavta Mandir, His Holiness Param Dayal Ji Maharaj constituted a trust and it was registered with the name, “FAQIR LIBRARY CHARITABLE TRUST”. As such it became the duty of this trust to establish a good library with books of SANTMAT Radha Swamimat, Kabirmat and Nanakmat. Since there was shortage of buildings at that time, the library was housed in one room.
          Keeping in view the importance of library the present trust has now earmarked three rooms for the library. They are fully equipped with required book cases, tables and chairs with good seating arrangement for the readers, who can borrow books. At present there are more than two thousand books. They are in Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi and English. Efforts are being made to collect books from all over India regarding the philosophy of saints about ‘Surat- Shabad-Yoga.”
          Data Dayal Maharishi Shiv Brat Lal Ji Maharaj M.A., L.L.D., Satguru of H.H Param Dayal Ji Maharaj, as per blessing of Hazur Saligram Sahib Ji Maharaj has written thousands of books on every aspect of human life. A few copies of very rare books of Data Dayal Ji are housed in this library. Original “SAR-VACHAN” by Swami Ji Maharaj, Prem Vani by Hazur Saligram Ji Maharaj, Copies of “MANUSHYA BANO” published by Devi Charan Mittal from Aligarh, copies of “Dayal” published from Hyderabad by Anand Rao Ji and Bhai Nandu Ji Maharaj are preserved here in this library. Copies of books or periodicals Published by SHIV-SAHITYA PARKASHAN MANDLI RADHASOAMI SATSANG ASHRAM SECUNDERABAD under the benign directions of Hazur Dayal Shiv Mangal Singh Ji Maharaj are also available in this library. Books written by His Holiness Sant Satguru Bhagat Munshi Ram Ji Maharaj and Hazur Manav Dayal Ji Maharaj are gems of all sorts available with this library.
          Above all Faqir Library is an ocean of Spiritual knowledge. The following books written by Sant Satguru Waqt Param Dayal Ji Maharaj in Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi and English are available in the library. In addition, copies of all MANAV-MANDIR” published by the Trust are preserved here, which contain the chapter wise writing of Data Dayal Ji Maharaj and Spiritual discourses of Param Dayal Ji Maharaj.
          A list of the books written by Param Dayal Ji Maharaj is given below:-
1.     Hindi titles
1.   Jagat Ubhar, 2. Garud Puran Rahasya, 3. Ajayab Purush, 4. Paanch Nam Ki Vyakhya, 5. Meri Dharmik Khoj 6. Barah Masa Ki Vyakhya 7. Kabir Sar Shabad Vyakhya, 8. Sat Kabir Ki Sakhi , 9. Guru Tattva, 10. Prem Rahasya, 11. Guru Mahima 12. Manavta Yug Dharm, 13. Unnati Marg, 14. Ishwar Darshan 15. Guru Bandana 16.Sat Gyan Daata 17. Sar Ka Sar, 18. 50 years of experience of Faqir, 19. Hriday Udgar, 20. Agam Vikas 21. Akaashiya Rachna 22. Yatharth Sandesh, 23. Sachchaai, 24. Agam Vani, 25. Manav Dharam Parkash 26. Adi Ant 27. Gyan Yog, 28. Nirvan Se Parey 29. Sar Bhed, 30. Karam Bhog Ya Mauj, 31. Satya Sanatan Dharm, 32. Santmat Saar 33. Be Fikri, 34. Santmat and Atamanubhuti
2. English titles:
1.   Manavta, 2. Science of God Realization, 3. Know Thy Self to know God 4. Key to Freedom, 5. Republic Day Message, 6. A Broadcast on Reality in America 7. Divine message on Self realization 8. Satyamev Jayate-Truth Always wins, 9. The Secret of Secrets, 10. Religious Research by Faqir, 11. The Art of Happy Living, 12. The Master Speaks to the Foreigners, 13. A Word to Canadians, 14. A Word to American, 15. Satya Sanatan Dharm, 16. Nam Dan, 17. The Essence of Truth, 18. Yogic philosophy of Saints, 19. Surat Shabad Yog 20. Jeewan Mukti, 21. The Weight of Soul etc.
         All these books are self- explanatory for those who want to know about life of his holiness and his self-realized truth. These books are the best guide for those who want to follow the inner path under the advice of a living guide.  
The Lineage of Saints of Radhaswami Mat At Manavta Mandir, Hoshiarpur

The linage of gurus starts with Swami Ji Maharaj, Hazur Saligram Sahib Ji Maharaj (the founder of Radhaswami faith), Maharishi Shiv Brat Lal Ji Maharaj M.A., L.L.D. popularly known as Data Dayal Ji, followed by life and teachings of his holiness Param Dayal Faqir Ji Maharaj.
Maharishi Shiv Brat Lal Verman Ji (M.A., L.L.D.), popularly known as Data Dayal Maharishi Ji, was born in Bhadohi District of Uttar Pradesh in 1860 on the day of Shiv Ratri. He was a post graduate and a famous writer. He wrote more than 3000 books on various social, historical, religious and spiritual topics. Being a famous writer he is called as the modern maharishi Ved Vyas of Radhaswamimat and hence became famous with the name Maharishi Ji.
As an editor and writer he moved to Lahore to edit the ‘Arya Gazette’- an Urdu weekly published by Arya Smaj. On 1st August 1907, he started his own Magazine “SADHU’ and it acquired popularity throughout the country. He became a famous writer and in his life time he edited and authored more than 3000 spiritual periodicals and books in Hindi, Urdu & English. His books Light of Anand Yoga, Dayal Yoga and Shabd Yoga became very famous for the seekers of spiritual advancement.
Some of Maharishi Ji’s famous books on Radha Soami spiritual movement are:-
1.                 Light of Anand Yoga (English)
2.                 Dayal Yoga
3.                 Shabd Yoga
4.                 Radha Swami Yog: part 1-6
5.                 Radhaswamimat Parkash
6.                 Adbhut Upasana Yog : Part 1-2
7.                 Anmol Vichar
8.                 Dus Avtaron Ki Katha
9.                 Kabir Parichaya Adyagyan
10.            Kabir Yog : Part 1-13
11.            Kabir Bijak : Part 1-3
12.            Karam Rahasya
13.            Nanak Yog: Part 1-3
14.            Panth Sandesh
15.            Safalta Ke Sadhan
16.            Sahaj Yog
17.            Saptrishi Vrittant
18.            Sharanangati Yog
19.            Satsang Ke Aath Vachan
20.            Vayvahar Gyan Parkash
21.            Vicharanjali
22.            Vigyan Ramayana ( Urdu)
23.            Vigyan Krishnayana (Urdu)
To spread Radha Soami spiritual movement he started his world trip from Lahore on August 2, 1911. He reached Calcutta. On October 22, 1911 from Calcutta he proceeded towards Rangoon by sea. He reached Penang on October 31st and reached Hong Kong on November 22 via Singapore and Java. At all the places he was spreading the message of Radha Soami spiritual movement. After that he went to Japan and later he went to San Francisco in America and delivered two lectures in San Francisco which left in everlasting impact on the minds of Europeans. Later on His Holiness Param Dayal Ji Maharaj too visited America, England and Canada more than once.
In 1912 Shiv Brat Lal Ji founded his Ashram in Gopi  Ganj in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh. His inspired discourses attracted seekers of Radha Soami movement from all over the India and abroad. He died on February 23, Shiv Ratri 1939 at the age of seventy-nine. His holy Samadhi stands at Radha Swami Dham, near Gopi Ganj. His Chief successors were (1) Param Sant Param Dayal Faqir Chand Ji Maharaj (2) Param Sant Master Ram Singh Ji Arman (3) Param Sant Bhai Nandu Singh Ji Maharaj.

          Faqir Baba Ji was born on 18 Nov, 1886 at village Panjhal (then in District Hoshiarpur Punjab) now District Una of Himachal Pradesh. He left for the ANAMI-DHAM on 11 Sept. 1981. In obedience to the command of Sat Guru Data Dayal Ji Maharaj, he devoted his whole life to speak out his personal experiences and research in the field of physical, mental and spiritual life to the world. His teachings to each one and all are “Be Pure in thought, word and action, hate no one but love all. As we sow, so shall we reap. Sow love and justice, reap the same and live a happy and peaceful family life”. Life of his holiness is given in the following chapters in the form of Autobiography as dictated by his holiness in 1978. Thereafter are given the secrets of reality as revealed by his holiness. However before introducing you to the life and teaching of his holiness, it is essential to put in black and white some remarkable events of 1980 and 1981.
          By 1980 Param Dayal Ji Maharaj had started to feel convinced that he had very sincerely and honestly fulfilled the promise given to his Satguru. So Baba Ji wrote his last will on 20-04-1980 regarding his successors and working of the trust which in original is reproduced below, so that it may not fall a prey to misinterpretation at any level.
His last instructions to Bhagat Munshi Ramji and I.C. Sharmaji
मैं फकीरचंद उमर 94 साल पुत्र पंडित मस्तराम पुत्र श्री दसौंधी राम वासी मकान नं. 18 रेलवे मंडी होशियारपुर दा हां. जोकि मैंने आपणे गुरु महर्षि शिव व्रतलाल बरमन जी जोकि मेरे सत्गुर थे. उनके हुकम अते आज्ञा के मुताबिक कि शरीर छोड़ने से पहले शिक्षा को बदल जाना, उनका हुकम था इस लई मैंने सेठ दुर्गादास जो अब मर चुके हैं, उनकी मदद से आज से पहले अठारह साल होए हैं, मानवता मन्दिर की बुनियाद रखी थी, और उसका ट्रस्ट कायम किया गया है, जो कि रजिस्टर्ड है. मेरे मरने के बाद मेरे खून का कोई ट्रस्टी नहीं बन सकता है हाँ पर सेवा कर सकता है, मन्दिर में नौकरी कर सकता है, मगर मन्दिर के इन्तजाम में कोई दख़ल नहीं दे सकता है. मैंने आपणे जिन्दगी के तजरबे रूहानी, गृहस्थी, मज़हबी लाईन पर सफ़र करने के बाद यह नतीजा निकाला है कि सबसे पहले दुनिया को इन्सान बनने की ज़रूरत है. इस लई मैंने गृहस्थ, सोशल और पोलिटिकल लाईन वालों को इन्सान बनने की आवाज़ दी है. मेरी मन्दिर से गैर हाजिरी में श्री मुन्शी राम भगत जो यहाँ के सेक्रेटरी हैं उनको नामदान देने, जीवों को हिदायत करने और दुखी अशांत प्राणियों की मदद करने के लिए, उनको मुकरर किया है और इनके बाद जां इन की मौजूदगी में डाक्टर I.C. शर्मा जो बडे तालीम याफ़ता और परमार्थ और अभ्यास वग़ैरा के हैं वो मेरी जगह काम करेंगे और वोह जब यहाँ नहीं होंगे तो भगत मुन्शीराम जी मेरी जगह सत्गुरु की हैसीयत में काम करेंगे. बाकी मन्दिर का सारा हिसाब किताब ट्रस्ट के हाथ में रहेगा, यह ट्रस्ट की जुमेवारी होवेगी. मैंने शिशु स्कूल खोला हुआ है, यहाँ लडकों से कोई फीस नहीं ली जाती. पहली दफा जब बच्चा दाखल होता है तो उनके मां बाप से तहरीर लेनी पड़ेगी कि तीन बच्चों से ज्यादा बच्चे पैदा करें, अगर तीन से ज्यादा पहले हों तो आईंदा पैदा करें. बाकी सारा काम ट्रस्ट के हवाले है, मेरा इससे कोई मतलब नहीं है. मेरे मरने के बाद मेरी हडिडयां मानवता मन्दिर में गाड़ दें और उनके ऊपर मानवता मंदिर का झंडा जेहड़ा कि इस वक्त मानवता मंदिर पर लहराता है, वो झंडा मेरी हड्डियों पर खड़ा कर देवें. मेरा ट्रस्ट किसी दूसरे ट्रस्ट जां संस्था से कोई तुअलक नहीं रखता है, मैंने किसी संस्था से कुछ लिया है बल्कि दिया है. मेरे सत्गुरु की समाधि जिला बनारस में लोगों ने बनवा दी है. मेरे संतमत में समाधि, कबर, मकबरा जां मरे होए महापुरुषों की पूजा नहीं है. इस लई मेरा कोई संबंध शिव समाध से नहीं है. इज्जत के ख्याल से कुछ कुछ सालाना देता रहा हूँ. अगर मेरी मरजी के मुताबिक वहाँ कोई आचार्य काम करे जब तब हो सकेगा मैं मदद करता रहूँगा वरना नहीं. और ही उनका कोई हक़ मुझ पर है. मेरे नाम पर बहुत से देश विदेश में मानवता के सैंटर खुले हुए हैं. वहाँ के आचार्य अपना अपना काम करते हैं. उनका और मेरे ट्रस्ट का सिवाए प्रेम के और संबंध नहीं है. इसलई हुण मैं बकायमी होश हवास अते दरुस्ती अकल नाल बराए हित मन्दिर मज़कूर पहली अते आखरी वसीयत लिख दिती है कि प्रमाण रहे.
तिथि 20.4.1980
          As per this will Sh. Munshi Ram Bhagat was assigned the duty of initiating (giving Nam Dan), guiding and helping the afflicted in the absence of Baba Ji. He appointed Dr. I.C. Sharma, a well learned person in spiritual knowledge and practice etc. to work in his (Faqir Chand's place) in absence or presence of Munshi Ram Bhagat. He again mentioned Bhagat Munshi Ram to function as Satguru (in Faqir’s place) when I.C. Sharma was not there.

          Bhagat Munshi Ram Ji came in contact with Param Dayal Ji in the year 1963. As per the last will of Param Dayal Ji Maharaj, Bhagat Ji continued to serve the Satsangis with his discourses after his holiness left for America in August 1981 and continued to do so till 1982. Bhagat Ji served Manava Mandir for 18 years. After retirement from P.W.D. in the year 1967 he continuously lived in the temple and served the mission of Baba Faqir. He had built one room and kitchen in the Mandir for his stay along with his wife, who was a very pious lady and served the temple to the best of her capability. Bhagat Ji for whom Baba Ji had very high opinion carried on the mission of Manavata as per the will of Param Dayal Ji. His weekly and monthly Satsangs were the reminder of the teachings of Baba Ji which Bhagat Ji had adopted in his practical life. His Holiness Param Dayal Ji Maharaj often used to say “The living of Munshi Ram is thousands times better than that of me. I have neither seen him laughing nor in a mood of sorrow. He remains in the state of balance”.
          When Dr. I.C Sharma Ji Manav Dayal Ji returned from America after getting voluntary retirement to stay at Manavta Mandir to obey the will of Param Dayal Ji Maharaj, Bhagat Ji preferred to hand over the charge of Manavta Mandir to Hazur Manav Dayal Ji and left for Chandigarh where he stayed with his family.
          At Chandigarh too Bhagat Ji carried on the work of Satsang and many Satsangis used to visit him for worldly and spiritual guidance. Bhagat Ji wrote the following books which are a true replica of the teaching of Baba Ji:-
(1) Sant Satguru Waqt Ka Vasiyatnama
(2) Santmat
(3) Satguru Ki Mahima Aur Maya Ka Roop
(4) Antarrashtriya Manavta Kendra
(5) Prem Shabdabli
(6). Nar Nari
(7) Param Dayal Ji Ne Kya Shiksha Badli and many more articles. Many of his colleagues and followers have preserved his literature in the form of letters written by him. 
These books are very popular among the Satsangis as they carry the message of Param Dayal Ji Maharaj in the true spirit. He left his physical frame at Chandigarh on 29 June 1998.

          Hazur Manav Dayal Ji Dr. I.C Sharma after getting retirement from American University as professor of Indian Philosophy settled at Manavta Mandir along with his learned wife Mr. Bhagywati Sharma. Trust/management made proper arrangements for their comfortable stay at the 1st floor of V.I.P suits. Hazur Manav Dayal devoted his full time to Satsangs, visited all Manavta centers established by Param Dayal Ji Maharaj, under took foreign tours and special attention was paid to the publication of Manav Mandir. He was loved by one and all. His tours and work for the temple brought funds and fame to Manavta Mandir. Many more Manavta Centers were established under his able leadership. Intensive tours by Car had a very bad effect on his body and he developed some spinal problem which did not allow him to sit properly. As movement became less, he developed diabetes. But he did not care much about his physical ailments and continued to carry on the work of discourses and Sammelans in Manavta Mandir. He with assistance of Mrs. Bhagyawati Sharma wrote and compiled three important books (1) Sidh Purush Baba Faqir (2) Sidh Purush Baba Faqir Chamatkaron Se Parey (3) Faqir Shatabdi Granth
          After Bhagwati Sharma died in mysterious circumstances the zeal of Manav Dayal Ji started to dwindle and by 1998 he was permanently bed ridden. He required regular treatment and nursing which management under the secretary ship of Sh. Gopal Kishan failed to provide. Dr. K.K Sharma retired Surgeon of renown took the responsibility of his treatment and he along with the help of Sh. Pawan Malhan did their best to improve the condition of Sh. Manav Dayal Ji. But as the news of his illness through a letter written by Sh. Gopal Krishan, Secretary reached his son at Bombay, He rushed to Hoshiarpur in 1998 with the help of Sh. Mangal Dev Sharma of Faridabad and took his father to Faridabad where they had a good house. It was here that Manav Dayal Ji expired and one of his devotees took his body to Durgapur where a Samadhi is built.

          Sh. B.R Kamal was a student of F.A in S.D. College Hoshiarpur and the age was 18 years when he came to the Holy feet of Param Dayal Ji in 1956 at the residence of Master Mohan Lal Ji, from his early childhood he has very keen interest in spiritual pursuits. It was his earnest prayer to God for a true Satguru which brought him to His Holiness Param Dayal Ji. He completed his post graduation from S.D College Hoshiarpur, joined as lecturer college cadre, retired as Principal, married, father of 3 well settled married sons. His wife is a very pious lady devoted to Param Dayal Ji. He always remained in touch with his holiness. Param Dayal Ji had great love for him, thus his holiness visited Dharmashala twice and stayed with him in 1969 and 1970 when Mr. Kamal was posted at Government College  Dharmashala. His Holiness also visited him in 1977 at Hamirpur when Mr. Kamal was there. Mr. Kamal has translated and annotated almost all English books of Param Dayal Ji which helped introduce his most rational thoughts on Surat Shabd Yoga to international community. Many followers stopped to come to Manavta Mandir after his holiness Param Dayal Ji shed away His physical frame, but Mr. Kamal continued his visits to sit at the seat of his Satguru.
          It was in 1998 when Manav Dayal Ji left for Faridabad there was none to carry on the work of weekly and monthly Satsang. A humming Manavta Mandir started to wear a deserted look. It was at that time that Sh. H.R. Gupta, who had taken over as Secretary, requested Kamal Ji to take the responsibility of filling the gap as he was an ardent follower of Param Dayal Ji and carried his Samskaras. Thus with Sh. Kamal Ji in the seat the lost atmosphere and spiritual glamour of Manavta Mandir returned.
          During the Baisakhi Sammelan of 2009 the trustees entrusted the duty of spiritual teaching to Kamal Ji Maharaj which was endorsed by all saints and followers gathered on auspicious occasion of Baisakhi 2010. Hazur Captain Lal Chand Ji Maharaj declared Sh. Kamal as Dayal Kamal and garlanded him assigning the duty of Param Dayal Ji. Hazur Keshav Dayal Ji of Delhi also blessed.
          Now Manavta Mandir has again started to attract the seekers from far and near. The mission is gaining momentum to spread the teachings of Param Dayal Faqir Chand Ji Maharaj.

For official website of Faqir Library Charitable Trust, Hoshiarpur please visit this link Manavta Mandir Hoshiarpur

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